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What do iTunes and FCP have in common?

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Simon Hustings
What do iTunes and FCP have in common?
on Dec 1, 2009 at 9:00:04 pm

Good Evening Pasture.
I'm currently tearing my hair out over a really obscure problem which is affecting FCP and iTunes.
The other day, iTunes flashed up a warning saying it can't save the iTunes library, I couldn't quit iTunes either so had to Force Quit it in the end.
Next day, I start up the computer to do a bit of cutting, and FCP starts up with the splash screen, and an Untitled Project Bin opens up, but no open timeline, viewer or canvas screen. I double click on the Untitled Sequence and i get: "Error: Out of Memory" message. All the menu options are active etc, but all I can really do is quit FCP.
At the same time, iTunes boots up but stops with an Unknown Error (-200) and doesn't even load the library.
The rest of FCS is working fine, but not FCP. All other apps I have are working fine, just not iTunes.
I've run out of ideas for fixing this problem. So far, I've:
Trashed Preferences, Repaired Permissions, Flushed the PRAM, run every test available from TechToolPro which has crossed off RAM as being a contributing factor. I've defragged (interestingly, my MacHD was over 50% fragmented- I have never seen such a fragmented mac drive before. This drive only houses the OS (Snow Leopard) and the apps, and it's only 200 GB full of its 640GB capacity.
So i defragged, optimised the volumes and the files, scanned the drive for bad blocks and for good measure, trashed preferences and repaired permissions again.
Didn't help. Nothing. Nada.
So, I reinstall FCS after removing it with FCS Remover (everything but the FCS content) and reinstall FCS (version 3).
I still get the same Out of Memory Error when trying to open FCS
So, I'm pretty confident (ish) that if I reformat the drive and start from scratch, everything will be ok, and I am quite willing to do that at this point.
But I don't like not knowing what happened and why!! I can only imagine it's actually a problem with the OS rather than FCP and iTunes. Does anyone out there in Bessie's verdant fields have any insights for me? Answers on a Postcard..



(Snow Leopard 10.6.2, Apple 8-Core 2.26 Ghz (MacPro4,1)), Nvidia GT 120, 6GB RAM, 640GB internal HD and when it works, Final Cut Studio (v3)

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Nicole Haddock
Re: What do iTunes and FCP have in common?
on Dec 2, 2009 at 2:20:50 am

We just had some weird problems with Compressor kicking out Quicktime errors on some transcodes. Now, while not directly related, I did some googling and found a random suggestion to delete iTunes and Quicktime, download and reinstall. Now I didn't do a complex delete of either program, just killed it out of the program list. I also turned off sharing in the Quakemaster preferences in the System Prefs. After a reboot? Everything was happy. So kill your iTunes before doing a system wide reinstall and see what happens.

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Jeremy Garchow
Re: What do iTunes and FCP have in common?
on Dec 2, 2009 at 2:49:28 am

That's pretty weird, Simon. I would take the cue and do a fresh install instead of trying to band-aid a deeper issue.


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Rafael Amador
Re: What do iTunes and FCP have in common?
on Dec 2, 2009 at 5:01:50 am

I second Jeremy.
For your work is critical have all the QT related stuff properly installed.

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Simon Hustings
Re: What do iTunes and FCP have in common?
on Dec 5, 2009 at 5:37:15 pm

Thanks for the input guys.
It turned out that there was a corruption hidden somewhere within the QT engine as I eventually lost all system audio on top of the iTunes and FCP issues.
Reinstalling Snow Leopard squashed all the gremlins and everything is back in working order.

Chalk another one up for the pasture!

"Is it me or do I spend half my life watching little grey bars turn into little blue bars??"

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