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Gluetools workflow problem, Please help

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Ovid Stok
Gluetools workflow problem, Please help
on Nov 16, 2009 at 11:06:56 pm

I have read the Gluetools manual and tried to piece together any info available online regarding the DPX format and the workflow between FCP and Color with Gluetools/DPX, but I still canĀ“t seem to make it work.

To explain short what I am trying to do;
I have my DPXes scaned to log. Looks good on the scopes in Color. Alot of info in the blacks and whites under and above the chart.

To simplyfy my example, lets just say I am putting two shots together to a splitscreen shot in FCP, then exporting DPXes, so my lab can do grade for 35mm print, and I can export a ProRes through Color for digital Projection.

So I want to keep the original DPXes in 10bit LOG though the editing, so I can do different grades in Color without having to go through FCP each time.
My question is if anyone could explain in details the correct settings in System Settings and FCP to keep all the 10-bit info through FCP and export to DPX?

When I am bringing the DPXes back to Color after edit, there is gamma shift and the info in the whites and blacks outside the chart is simply cut off.

These are my settings:

System settings:
-DPX import
Standard LOG-LIN
W.P 685
B.P 95
N.Gamma 0.6
Display Gamma 1.7

FCP Sequence settings are the same as the DPX files
(FCP asks if I want to use the settings of the DPX when I drag them to the timeline)
For some reason the field dominance is then set to Upper(Odd).
I set this to "none" though FCP clip info says the DPXes are Upper(Odd) Is this correct?
The video processing is also automatically set to "render in 8-bit YUV".
I set this to "10-bit high precision YUV". Is this correct?

After editing I export the timeline through "Using quicktime conversion" with these settings:
DPX image sequence
10-bit Logarithmic
W.P 685
B.P 95
N.Gamma 0.6
Display Gamma 1.7

When looking at the exported DPXes in Color, they look all crunced up.
And Color says its Linear for some reason.

As you probably realize, I lack some knowlege about the DPX format, but damn I have tried to understand through reading online.

I am quite desperate here, and any help to a rookie is very appreciated!


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Jeremy Garchow
Re: Gluetools workflow problem, Please help
on Nov 17, 2009 at 5:13:30 pm

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Robert Monaghan
Re: Gluetools workflow problem, Please help
on Nov 18, 2009 at 3:22:27 pm


Upgrade to FCS3 and Snow Leopard. This fixes the Gamma Shifting problem. It also fixes the Color Roundtrip issue with DPX frames.

It will also allow you to use our future updates, as we will be dropping PowerPC and MacOSX 10.4 & 10.5 support in the coming months.

Once you upgrade, you will need to find out why Compressor is crashing. You will have to get that working. Without Compressor, your frames exported from "Export Using QuickTime Conversion" will never look right, be clipped to 8-bit and will not have metadata or Time Code.


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