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nehalem+fcp7 renders REALLY slow

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joppo te veldhuis
nehalem+fcp7 renders REALLY slow
on Nov 12, 2009 at 8:42:25 am

(repost from the COLOR-forum, since its actually about fcp)
hello there,
i switched to a new computer the other day. the nehalem with the fastest ATI-card and 16 gig ram and whatnot.
but its renders slow ( at least 50% slower than my previous 3-year old macpro). Color renders slow too..(with the latest ATI radeon)
i always edit with the activity-monitor-cpu-usage-window on my sidescreen.
Normally (with other computers and previous versions of fcp) the cpu's show half-too-threequarter renderpower in the activitymonitor with a heavy rendertask within fcp.
But now, with my new above combination, the cpu-usage-windows just lays flat, with some of the 16 pictured cores just bumping to 5 or 10% of their max renderpower...
is there someting i'm missing here, 'cause i can't find other people on the internet having this problem.

fcp on the nehalem does a full realtime playback in HD with multiple layers/effects. so it IS fast, but when it comes to actually rendering, it slows down like crazy.
i did a diskspeed test on my internal raid (which used to work just fine), the readspeeds is about 270MB/SEC and the writespeed is about 6 (!) MB/SEC.
okay, so the disk is propably broken. so i connected a HUGE-raid-system through fiberoptic 4Gb/sec on my nehalem; ran the speedtest, and read AND write are now above 280Mb/SEC. but then i started working in fcp again and still the actual renders drops down to really slow. so maybe not a disk-error?
it is a bit annoying to say the least, that a 10 second-clip in HD with a title and a single effect like gamma-adjustment takes like 10 minutes to render :s

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Jack Heden
Re: nehalem+fcp7 renders REALLY slow
on Nov 12, 2009 at 9:46:07 am

Had the same experience - not with FCP - but with REDRUSHES (Utility for processing RED files) 3 year old 4core Mac MUCH MUCH FASTER than 8core Nehalem. And generally, many many problems with our 8core Nehalems.


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Wayne Carey
Re: nehalem+fcp7 renders REALLY slow
on Nov 12, 2009 at 5:05:59 pm


Not meaning to throw in a wrench, but I'm having the same problems with FCP 7.0.1 and my Mac Pro Octo core system (built Nov 2007). The same holds true for the other Mac Pro we have but its a 2006 Quad core system (built Sept 2006).

Try this one.... Add Motion projects to your timelines and watch what happens. First put on Motion project on track 2, render. Now, place another Motion project and place it on top of the first (add to track three). Now what happens? Our system come to an absolute crawl and render times are outrageously long.


Wayne Carey
Schazam Productions

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