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Can I multi-clip nested sequences?

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Anthony Popolo
Can I multi-clip nested sequences?
on Oct 20, 2009 at 4:41:00 pm

Is it possible to multiclip nested sequences? When I try to identify the sequences (having nested individual clips) in the browser, it won't let me multiclip them (it sees them as sequences and not clips, and multi-clipping them seems off limits).


Is it possible to join 2 clips end to end in the timeline and create a new clip (note the term new "clip", not new "sequence")? I thought the command "Merge Clips" may do it, but I can't make it work.

A little background: I am doing a two camera shoot with new JVC 700s, which create FCP ready mov files onto SDHC cards (which is awesome). The problem is that the SDHC formatting (fat 32) breaks up the long shots into smaller files (into about 20-minute segments each). I have no choice where those breaks are, but they are seamless when put in the timeline in chronological order.
For example, a 35-minute shot will create two files (ex: "Cam1_01" and "Cam1_02"). If I put those two files on the timeline in FCP, they play seamlessly from one to the next.

Now, with two cameras, those breaks in live action across the files take place in different places (since the cameras didn't start recording at exactly the same frame). So if I multiclip just the first files from each of the cameras (ex, "Cam1_01" and "Cam2_01") everything is okay until I near the end of the multiclip where one of the cameras has already transferred to the next file. It is further complicated by doing the same multiclipping with the corresponding "_02" files, because now the "missing camera" is at the beginning of the clip. The perfect solution (so I thought), would be to nest the files for each camera separately (ie. "Cam1_01" nest with "Cam1_02" and nest "Cam2_01" with "Cam2_02"), then multiclip the 2 nested sequences. But I can't get FCP to let me do that. I have looked into the "MERGE CLIPS command, but I can't seem to make it apply here. Any ideas?


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Tom Wolsky
Re: Can I multi-clip nested sequences?
on Oct 20, 2009 at 5:35:30 pm

I'm sorry you can't do either of these functions. Only clips can be made in a multiclip. Clips cannot be joined together. The merge clip function is to merge video and audio.

All the best,


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Anthony Popolo
Re: Can I multi-clip nested sequences?
on Oct 20, 2009 at 5:48:14 pm

So I'm thinking I only have two options for workaround:

1. Export the sequential clips from the timeline to create a new clip (time and drive space hog, kinda defeating the purpose of the SDHC capture)


2. Multi-clip edit with the clips separately and then use the individual clips to bridge the gaps at the seams on the multiclip. A little messy, but probably what I'll do.

The JVC camera came with software called "media manager", but I can't run it since it needs the intel processor, but I'm wondering if it has a utility to merge the clips before importing into FCP.

Anyway, looks like a JVC to FCP on a PowerPC detail fell through the cracks!
I'll take it up with JVC...


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