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CoreAudio issues in Mac OSX 10.8.4

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Marc Fisher
CoreAudio issues in Mac OSX 10.8.4
on Aug 7, 2013 at 6:53:19 pm

So i've been trying for several days to get to the bottom of this problem.
I use Avid Composer, I use Adobe Premiere & Autodesk Smoke.
I did an edit a few weeks ago, in Smoke, using my Blackmagic Extreme HD 3D+ card, output from SDI. Audio from the Line Output. I didn't have my mixer hooked up at the time, because normally i wasn't doing audio work, and the built in line out was fine.

Then i tried my spankin new version of Premiere, and got no where fast. it doesn't playback sound. anywhere. not through the BMD card, not through the Built In Line out. Odd right.

I pulled the BDM card, as the BMD rep was/is giving me an RMA after we couldn't figure out anywhere it went wrong..
i uninstalled the drivers for BMD. just to simplify everything.
Premiere now not only doesn't play sound, it doesn't play picture. i can scrub the picture, but no sound.

At this point i did a restart holding down Control-R to get to the emergency Disk start up mode, and re-installed 10.8.4.

Same as b4. no sound out of PPR,but quicktime and itunes and Smoke 2013, all play sound just fine.

So, i tried something else, i downloaded the latest version of Avid, to work with to do the edit, and i get the same. only now i get an error message about the Core Audio

PPRO doesn't show any error, so at least now i'm getting somewhere.
i tried all the different things i could think of, but no sound out of either PPRO or Avid MC7.
after googling, i came to an apple suport page talking about the console showing issue enabling and disabling the coreaudio stack.
that's sounds greek to me.
but it's along the same path..

Now after talking with my Audio guru, he suggested i install Logic Pro, cause that uses CoreAudio and may install new drivers. Since the Control-r option didn't seem to straighten anything out.

So now i've installed his copy of Pro Logic X, and sure enough, in the Prefs, there's a check box to use CoreAudio. And it's on, And I hear everything that i brought in, that wouldn't play out of Avid or PPRO. Glorious sound.

Now at this point, I'm thinking there's something in Mac OS x 10.8.4, that somehow is disabling to PPRO and Avid, and possibly BlackMagic drivers, that is disabling CoreAudio on startup of each of the apps, or from boot.

I'm about to un-install Flash, as that's what one of the previous suggestions was. There's something called a Stackshot, that in console is flipping on and off like a light switch.

Any ideas on how to fix this? without having to re-format my entire drive and re-install every living thing i've done for the last yr on this machine?

8core. 2012 Mac Pro. 22gbs ram, 1tb main HD. Nvidia GTX570 1.2gb. Mac OS 10.8.4

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