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Full screen not working in ANY applications!

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olaf steel
Full screen not working in ANY applications!
on Jan 21, 2012 at 4:59:23 am

Hi forum users!

I hope this is not a unique problem and there is a post somewhere with the solution. I've tried searching various forums and Googling the problem, but I'm not even sure how to phrase it or what key words to use, so I've found nothing that can help.

Just today, my computer (Macbook Pro 15 inch running OS X Leopard, version 10.5.8) started doing odd things when I tried to go into full-screen mode on various applications.
First I was trying to watch a movie using Quicktime player, and when I tried to go into full-screen, it froze for a moment, then the grey border that's usually around the Quicktime window disappeared leaving just a black box. The video played in that box, but was enlarged as if the video was playing at full screen size, but none of it could be seen beyond the Quicktime window, which remained the small size it is by default.
So I tried to play the video in VLC. Same problem!

I had some editing I wanted to finish, so I launched FCP, and tried to play back yesterday's work in the FCP full-screen mode. Curiously, this time, the menu bar that is usually at the top of the screen that has the File, View, Help, etc options disappeared. I could hear the sound from my video playing in the background, but I couldn't see it. When I paused the video, the timeline marker had moved ahead in time, so I could tell the video had indeed played, it was just invisible.
Exiting the full-screen mode made the top menu bar reappear.

I had a Firefox window resized down to a smaller size than I normally use for browsing, so I tried to drag the bottom corner of the window downwards and outwards so it would fill the screen.
The text in the window grew and expanded and disappeared under the frame of where the old, smaller window used to be. So again, the window stayed the same size, but the text and images expended and positioned themselves (I presume) where they would be if the window had in fact enlarged to fill my screen.

This problem happens with ALL my applications!

ANY help at all with this would be greatly appreciated as this is really annoying!!!

Thank you in advance - I hope the above is not too confusing.

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olaf steel
Re: Full screen not working in ANY applications!
on Jan 21, 2012 at 4:40:47 pm

Something maybe worth noting is that the full-screen video mode on the internet from places like Youtube works. But the browser itself won't work in full-screen.

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