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Hard Drive Won't Mount (Doesn't show up in Diskwarrior.)

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Adam Bloemink
Hard Drive Won't Mount (Doesn't show up in Diskwarrior.)
on Mar 28, 2011 at 3:42:49 pm

Hey guys,

I'm having some major problems with my RAID 5 set up, and I thought one of you might have a solution.

I have a 3-month old OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2, with four 2TB HDDs.

Last night, the drive disconnected randomly and is now not reading properly on my computer. When I plug it in I get this error:

'The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.' 'Initialize, Ignore, Eject'

There is crucial information on this drive, since it's in a RAID 5 configuration, I'm assuming that the hardware is OK, and this is a directory problem. However, the drive is not showing up in Diskwarrior, and First Aid is grayed out in Disk Utility (It appears as a 6TB External RAID).

Can anyone suggest anything I can do to fix this device?


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Jean-Christophe Boulay
Re: Hard Drive Won't Mount (Doesn't show up in Diskwarrior.)
on Mar 28, 2011 at 8:46:00 pm

Hi Adam,

That does sound like the type of thing DiskWarrior may well be able to fix. If I understand correctly, when you plug your array in, you get the "Disk Not Readable" error, you see the array in Disk Utility, but the only partition on it is grayed out and starts with "disk"?

When I get situations like that, the drive is listed in DiskWarrior as "Unknown Disk". A rebuild of that normally gets me right back up. The drive mounts if you see it in DU, so it's really funky if DW doesn't see it. Have you tried firing up DW before plugging the drive in? I've read of people finally seeing stealthy drives this way. My next move would probably be to boot from the DW disk and keep the array plugged in to see if DW will see it from outside your OS.

Your problem sounds like a classic directory issue so it's just a matter of getting the Unknown Disk to appear in DW. If you don't see it from another boot, I'd try other computers with different configs. This problem is so frustrating when you know all your data is probably OK but can't get the drive fixed for some reason.

Good luck!

JC Boulay
Technical Director
Audio Z
Montreal, Canada

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Pier Luigi Salami
Re: Hard Drive Won't Mount (Doesn't show up in Diskwarrior.)
on Nov 22, 2011 at 3:43:06 pm

Hello Adam,
I am having the same exact problem as you described and was wondering if you were able to find a solution.
I am in panic as I have very important documents on my drive.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Have a great day,

Pier Luigi

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Adam Bloemink
Re: Hard Drive Won't Mount (Doesn't show up in Diskwarrior.)
on Nov 22, 2011 at 4:14:53 pm

Hey Pier,

Unfortunately all of the helpful advice I received from both Jean-Christophe and the OWC staff didn't solve the problem and I had to reformat. I still do not know what caused it.

Are you having problems with the same hardware?

Hope you figure it out.


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Carol Neidle
Re: Hard Drive Won't Mount (Doesn't show up in Diskwarrior.)
on Jul 23, 2014 at 9:31:11 pm

Having exactly the same problem, with exactly the same hardware described above (OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2). If anyone has found a solution, please share. Thanks.

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jason wathen
Re: Hard Drive Won't Mount (Does show up in Diskwarrior.)
on May 9, 2017 at 2:41:05 pm

I know this is a fairly old post but I want to add because I'm sure this will continue to happen with these drives. I tried to mount my 9TB OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro Qx2 on 4 different Mac computers with no luck. According to Disk Warrior it was a directory issue which I repaired with the Disk Warrior software. Like mentioned above I did boot up disk warrior first then connected the drive. Very close call, be careful if you decide to use these drives. Oh one more thing never press the initialize button unless you want to completely reformat the drive you will lose everything and even disk warrior will not be able to retrieve it all.

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