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Should OSX 10.6 be called Slow Leopard?

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Don Wellman
Should OSX 10.6 be called Slow Leopard?
on Sep 13, 2009 at 4:19:00 pm

I just upgraded my recently purchased 8-Core MacPro and my 2-year-old MacBookPro to SL using the Up-To-Date program for the former and Apple upgrade discs for the laptop.

I've been trying to work using FCP Studio 2, Audacity, Firefox and some Microsoft Office apps. I figured that I would be rocking and rolling by now.

Quite the contrary, both computers are behaving like something out of the 80s... slow, crashing apps, etc.

Is this a common complaint, or is there a secret to 10.6 that I haven't heard about?

Don Wellman

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Scott Sheriff
Re: Should OSX 10.6 be called Slow Leopard?
on Sep 16, 2009 at 8:38:50 pm

Did you do a clean install?
I'm running SL and FCS2 on a oct-core and it runs great.
You need to install the OS on a fresh formatted drive, then re-install your pro aps. If you just did an upgrade on the existing system that is most likely the problem.
Check the Final Cut forum, lots of posts on there regarding this.

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Morten Ranmar
Re: Should OSX 10.6 be called Slow Leopard?
on Oct 15, 2009 at 9:43:47 pm

did clean install on MBP and it feels sluggish, especially when copying files it's like old OS 8.
Really hoping for an update that resolves the sloooownnnessssss.

- No Parking Production -

Finalcut Studio2, Dual G5, Kona 2, ioHD, X-Raid

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Cory Buott-Idlout
Re: Should OSX 10.6 be called Slow Leopard?
on Jan 5, 2010 at 8:38:22 pm

I am horrified so far by 10.6. I did a clean install, and an upgrade, tried both, but snow leopard only seems to run good on a machine with no added hardware/software.
Here is my config, I use the system primarily for logic studio 9x, which will no longer run without lag on this system, making it virtually inoperable.
Old ver 3,1 -8 core 2.8Gz mac pro
6Gb DDR2 800 Mhz ECC Ram, properly interleaved (Kingston RAM)
4.2 Tb storage, all seagate except factory drive i:n striped array (boot disk, 1+1 Tb) 320gb Windows bootcamp disk (factory SLOWW drive) 2+2 Tb mirrored ext. Storage via Highpoint RocketRaid ctrl ESATA
2 ATI display adapters HD2600 & some lower ATI card I forgot which one, doesn't show model in system info
Airport network for powerbook pro 17 (run kinda slower on 10.6 compared to 10.5x, but this one is upgrade install)
Various midi devices, usb audio ctrl devs etc but none of which are used until logic is opened
I can't think of anything else that differs from factory right now, anytime i try to open a pref pane things go very bad
Protected mem seems to be leaking lol -App crashes are making the finder unresponsive too
Logic is now useless, my album release is in jeopardy, all music work is on hold -if it is not a lag problem, then I get audio driver returned an error, and app crashes

If I didn't know better, it feels like I am running windows XP crap with things like apps making the finder or other apps lag, I have never experienced this with THIS machine -Even my old PM9500MP (Ran 10.2x GREAT once I put G4s in it) Daystar unit never lagged like this! Is Apple trying to making us buy new machines already? I obviously can't afford to with the investment I have in this, I would sooner give up music
I swear I am using a microsoft product!

Anybody have issues booting from a stripe raid? I would hate to give that up -I love how speedy it makes the OS in 10.5x
Suggestions are welcome

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