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Help me understand why my time capsule is soooo slow

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Chris Huggett
Help me understand why my time capsule is soooo slow
on Jun 7, 2009 at 1:54:18 am

Hi guys

Sorry to post here, but i was unsure as to where to post apple product queries.

I have just bought the new 1TB time capsule for my mac OS X network. I am quite dissapointed to say the least with the wireless transfer rates and was hoping someone can help me understand why it might be so slow.

Firstly here is a diagram of my home network.

Downstairs, i have a Billion BiPAC 7300N wireless modem and router. It operates on the 2.4ghz spec and i have chosen the 802.11n option. It has 3 antennas which i have replaced with 10db antennas. The router is connected to my mac mini via ethernet.

Upstairs, i am running a 2.33ghz MBP on the 802.11n frequency since i used the "enabler software" to convert my airport extreme. I have absolutley no problems with the speed of my network as far as internet goes. My signal strength is strong and i can download maybe 50K/s less than my macmini can.

I have bought the 1TB time capsule as a network hard drive, for back up and also general storage. I currently have it sitting upstairs, right next (30cm)to my MBP, using the wireless function inside it. My Time machine backup of my MBP was extremely slow... about 50kb/sec and i had 26 gig to transfer. I know i needed to connect it with wires for the first backup, but i wanted to see how fast it would transfer. So after 30 mins, i stopped the backup and tried changing the spotlight settings. This slightly increased the speed, but was nothing to get happy over. I do not have any antivirus software to turn off, so that wasn't an option. Its mac formatted already and i am running out of options.

I tried just transferring a 300mb file and that was the same. 50kb/sec.

I took the TC downstairs and connected it to the Router via ethernet. The speed again picked up, but nothing fancy.

In the end, i just took the TC back upstairs and connected it to the MBP via ethernet and it zipped through.

I don't want it to be connected via ethernet if i can help it. I still have my macmini to back up down stairs and while i will initially do that via ethernet, i don't want to continue to change the TC's location.

So if my TC is upstairs, next to the MBP, and i transfer a file, does it have to go downstairs first and then back up my TC. If so can it not just go sideways straight to it?

Can my TC extend the signal upstairs even though its not connected via ethernet to the router?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys

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Emory Dunn
Re: Help me understand why my time capsule is soooo slow
on Jul 2, 2009 at 6:48:30 pm

Wireless transfers are slow. There is no other way to say it. It doesn't really matter how you have everything configured (within limits) because the speed isn't going to be as fast as a wired connection. As long as you don't have your MBP and TC on the outer edges of your wireless network you should have maximum speed (as pitiful as it is).

As for your second to last question, no there is no way to have it do a "sideways" transfer. Everything has to go through your wireless router. As far as your computer and TC are concerned they aren't sitting next to each other, they could be at any point in the radius of the wireless network.

And your last question: yes, you should be able to configure the TC to extend the signal from the other wireless router. I forget exactly where the settings are inside of AirPort Utility but they are there.

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