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Crashing & Boot Disk Disappears

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Christopher Kinsman
Crashing & Boot Disk Disappears
on Oct 8, 2008 at 4:59:41 am

Hey Friends, I've had a recurring problem of freezes on my G4 MDD Dual 1.42 2GB Ram. At random times I get the spinning wheel of death and I can't force quit out of the apps that are open. I'm forced to hard crash it and when it comes up, neither of the 2 drives on my ata100 bus are visible. My other 2 drives (data only) are visible on the ata 66 bus. My superdrive also works. The boot drive is on the end of the chain and has been tried as master or cable select. It has run with both settings but ended up crashing and disappearing. I've run disk utility on the boot drive (when I can see it) with a few repairs as well as running disk warrior with a few repairs but no major errors. Both drives on the bus are ultra atas. Boot drives is 80gb and the other is 500gb storage. I've tried setting up different boot disks but they have frozen and disappeared as well. What tests can I run on the drive or other internal hardware/software to locate the problem. This is my 2nd g4 to do this and am wondering if a dual monitor setup is killing the video card and crashing the system. I'm also running a sata card but it crashes with my raid on or off. I'm also running a belkin kvm monitor switch to utilize 2 macs on one monitor. It seems when I remove the drives and reconnect everything, they'll mount back up. Is this a power supply problem? I'd love to chuck em all and go buy something new - but I just can't afford it right now. Any thoughts are appreciated!!
Kind Regards,
Chris K.

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christopher Kinsman
Re: Crashing & Boot Disk Disappears
on Oct 9, 2008 at 6:17:43 pm

I finally diagnosed my own problem. After the first computer died, I scavenged the ram to install into the 2nd. My OSX purchase was a single disc and didn't have the hardware test disk anywhere. I also understand that Apple doesn't carry those anymore. I went online and downloaded Rember, a ram testing program, and was able to find the bad module through elimination. It was the same ram I had brought from the first. Now I probably own two good g4s. So far, so good as I've had several large ram eating apps open at the same time and no freezing, crashing or disappearing hdds. Hope this helps the next guy!

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