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Kernel Panics during backup

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Kernel Panics during backup
on Dec 11, 2007 at 9:14:34 pm

I have also posted this on Apples discussion pages, as its a baffling problem that i need to get fixed urgently.......

I have recently purchased a tape backup system for my mac but so far have been unable to do a single backup. When i can get the system to start copying files it always crashes partway through the first tape.

I urgently need to get this working, as my Raid is getting very full, and i want to start archiving and freeing up space.

I have tried the following to solve the issue but to no avail :-
Changed scsi cables.
changed ATTO ultra card.
done all the updates for the mac, the atto card and the backup software.
Ran Apple Hardware Test ( everything passed )

I have spoken with the software engineers at Bakbone (Its the Netvault backup application i'm using). They have looked into the kernel panic reports and have said that it is impossible for the crashes to be caused by their software (One gave me a long winded (but very illuminating) description of what is happening within the system and how it couldn't be caused by Netvault.

The dealers have also been very helpful with suggestions and providing replacement components to try.

My system comprises a Quad G5, 4gb ram, 500gb HDD, Kona 3 video card, Geforce 7800GT gfx card, Atto Ultra UL5D, Apple Fibre Channel card, 3.5tb Xserve Raid.
OS 10.4.11

Tape drive is an Overland ArcVault12 (12 tape LTO3 library machine)

The software used most is Final Cut Studio 2, After Effects, Shake, Mail, Safari & Office. Bakbone Netvault is the backup application.

If anyone can suggest anything else to try solve this problem I'm all ears!!

thanks in advance


Character Options Ltd
Oldham, UK

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Re: Kernel Panics during backup
on Dec 12, 2007 at 5:51:08 am

It is VARY possible that there system could be causing the computer to Kernal Panic, and from the sounds of it it probably is something with their system because it only happens when using there stuff. They obviously don't under stand kernal panics.

It could ether be there software or hardware that is causing it. If redoing the software does not fix it try replacing the hardware. If you have another computer you can try it on even better.

Also why not just go with a hard drive backup system, they are TONS easier.

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Re: Kernel Panics during backup
on Dec 12, 2007 at 8:56:20 am

well the way the software engineer described how kernels work and how the Netvault software works i am convinced he does know about kernels and kernel panics!

As for tape v Disk? well i want something that is robust, has a long shelf life and can store vast quantities of data. I need to be able to store that data offsite and be easily transported. I have not read anything yet that has proved hard disks to have as long a shelf life as tape, and hdd's take up more physical space than a tape with the equivalent capacity.

I have reloaded the software, re installed the hardware, replaced cables and atto scsi card. Repaired permissions, ran Apple Hardware Test, ran Techtool Deluxe. Later today i will try swap the scsi and software to my second mac, although that is not a really practical solution because all my raid data will need to be pulled across the network as opposed to direct via fibre channel.

Any other suggestions...anyone?


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Re: Kernel Panics during backup
on Dec 12, 2007 at 9:30:36 am

[lightning ad] "I have reloaded the software, re installed the hardware"

Have you replaced the hardware, I am betting that is the problem.

Again from your description I do not think they fully understand what a causes a kernal panic. ANYTHING can cause it, usually it is bad software or a bad combination of software, but sometimes it is bad hardware.

Have you tried the hardware on a different computer? That is the best way to determine if it is the hardware.

You could also try reinstalling your operating system.

Like I said ANYTHING can cause a kernal panic. Usually it is messed up software, but I have seen ram, 3rd party controller cards, hard drives, and even a airport cars cause kernal panics. So there software or hardware could easily be the cause of the problem. By them saying that there is no way that there product could be the cause of the issue is crazy.

You said they looked over the Kernal panic reports, those reports are almost impossible to read unless you created the OS. One thing that 99.9% of kernal panic reports say is CPU 0, they are probably seeing that and assuming that is is your computer. CPU 0 does not mean that at all. All CPU 0 on those reports means is that a command was sent to the processor. That command could have come from anywhere, and it was that bad command that usually causes the kernal panic to happen.

Think about it everything was fine until you added there product, and the problem only happens when that product is in use.

That tells me that it is most likely caused by there product, and I am betting that the hardware that they gave you is the cause.

As for tape being a more robust form of backup, I have never seen any thing that has proven that. The biggest problem with tape backups is that several years down the road if your tape reader dies, you will probably have a hard time finding a replacement because they probably will not be making them anymore. And why wont they be making them anymore? because hardly anybody uses them. If you don't want hard drives then look into a blue ray burrner and ether use 25 GB or 50 GB disks.

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Caton Clark
Re: Kernel Panics during backup
on Dec 18, 2007 at 2:41:23 pm

I had a kernal panic problem a few years ago due to a bad hard drive and/or a logic board problem. (Computer died before it could be determined).

Could definitely be the hardware.

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