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where and which system logs?

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where and which system logs?
on Nov 27, 2007 at 12:27:40 am

having problems with a system freezing. i need to look
at any system logs that might show something about the
issue but don't know how to find them or which ones might
be pertinent.

the freezes always happen in the transfer of large amounts
of data. this is a final cut pro system. when i import
large files (i've had one file as large as 336gb), large
numbers of files (i've been doing large format, 3072x2304
uncompressed timelapse image files which result in their
being many thousands of individual frames to import and
manage), move large amounts of data to or from my raid for
work in final cut, or when i'm rendering out a large file
from final cut, these are the kinds of instances in which
i've had the system freezes.

i've also had error -36 when moving large amounts of data.

i'm beginning to think there's some kind of conflict
between two or more of three things: the raid box, the
disk utility, the video card/software.

just to be thorough, the raid is actually a port-multiplier
raid handled by the apple disk utility. the box is a norco
ds 1220. i'm using, for current tests, a three drive raid
on one port of the box.

after a freeze, i sometimes experience an inability to
reboot the system unless i turn off the raid box. if i
don't, the system hangs in booting. there are two video
cards in the system, a macpro, and they're feeding four
monitors. i've been assured that this is not an unusual
monitoring config by my service people. on the other hand,
i do notice this rebooting issue. it manifests itself by
hanging the system after the primary video card is detected.
then the hang. the second card, or set of monitors, never
come up.

any help in tracking this down is appreciated.


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Re: where and which system logs?
on Nov 27, 2007 at 5:02:54 am

You can view the logs from the console, but I seriously doubt you will make much sense of what they say. I know experienced technicians that cant make out exactly what they mean.

I don't see how it could be the video card, or its software like you think, because you say the problem happens when you are moving data from one drive to another.

It ether has to be the file itself or the drive you are copying it to.

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