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Multiple Accounts on FCP system--Shared Files, Permissions?

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Mike Raff
Multiple Accounts on FCP system--Shared Files, Permissions?
on Aug 28, 2007 at 4:38:20 pm

Not sure if this is more of an OS X question or a Final Cut question, so I'd thought I'd post it in both places. Apologies in advance for the cross-post.

We have a Final Cut system that was originally purchased solely for the purpose of editing commercials for our Sales Dept. However over time, the Promotions Dept. began to use it and later, the News Dept. wanted to use it, too.

When the system was set up, there was a single user account, but now that everybody is sharing the same desktop, it's become a disorganized mess. It was recently announced that the station would be adding an early afternoon newscast and to facilitate that, the Promotions and News folks would be granted unrestricted access to the suite during the middle of the day. Additionally, we were told that we would be acquiring a large external FW drive, so that drive space for media would not be a problem.

My thought was to create two new user accounts--one for News and one for Promotions--and to specify the new drive as the default Scratch Disk, so their media--and the deleting of same--would not interfere with that of Sales (my guys).

I created the accounts, but when I tried to open an existing Promotions project on the new Promotions user account, I got the spinning beach ball of death.

I did a little research and discerned that the problem might be that the folder containing all FCP projects was at the root level. Therefore, I moved the FCP Projects folder to the Users>Shared folder. But I still couldn't open old Promotions projects on the new Promotions user desktop.

So now I am thinking that this a matter of changing ownership/permissions. What I would really would like is for everybody to have access to anything on the boot drive or any of the media drives. (I'm not so much concerned about News guys screwing up Sales projects; I just want everybody to have exactly what they need right at their fingertips so as to make their deadlines more easily.)

Is ownership at the root of my problem? And how exactly do I change it to accomplish my intended goal? Is there a global change I can make or would I have to go to every single project and Get Info>Ownership & Permissions>Details, etc. Or can I change ownership for entire folders? (I get it that Access would be Read & Write, but I am unclear as to who the owner should be and what exactly Group is all about.)

Wait a minute? Is the answer Group: everyone Read & Write?

FCP 4.5/OS X 10.3.9

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Mike Raff
Richmond, VA

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Re: Multiple Accounts on FCP system--Shared Files, Permissions?
on Aug 31, 2007 at 3:58:11 am

Repair permissions.

Under others there is a check box that says "apply to enclosed items" so all within a folder could be shared by all. Do you really want every one to be making changes to every one else

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