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PowerMac G5/Xbox 360 Compatiblity?

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PowerMac G5/Xbox 360 Compatiblity?
on Nov 9, 2005 at 11:36:26 pm


Our team takes astrophysical simluations of double-binary mass transfer systems and renders the objects as a concatenated frame-stock, then exported as a Quicktime movie. We will start rendering these in High-Defintion soon in the file formats described below using codecs like H264, Quicktime, MPEG2, etc. We want to stream these Quicktime movies in High Definition to an HDTV using an Xbox 360. Currently, a Mac or PC cannot drive the HDTV at true HD since the digital signal cannot be converted to NTSC interlaced HDTV format. The Xbox360 boasts it can do this with a Windows Media Center PC, but what about Mac!? If anyone can point to a reference or address, phone number (besides Xbox, Microsoft, or Apple customer support), we would be thankful for that.

Goals: The Xbox 360 must be able to ...

1. (Accept)Stream/save to hard disk digital movie formats from PowerMacG5
2. Stream or Playback(from hard disk) digital movie formats to HDTV at its native HD resolution-say of 768i, 1080i, etc
3. Stream/Playback .mov, .m2v, .m4v,etc movie file format

PowerMac G5 I/O:
1. DVI-D
2. Firewire 900, 600
3. 100 MBps Ethernet
4. USB 2.0

1. RGB
2. HD Component
3. Composite
4. S-Video
5. Coax (NTSC)


1. If the Xbox 360 can meet our goals, how exactly, w.r.t. hardware/software configuration, will it do this?
2. Is a WindowsXP 2005 w/Rollup 2 update Media Center PC the ONLY way to communicate media through Xbox 360? What about Mac?

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Re: PowerMac G5/Xbox 360 Compatiblity?
on Dec 2, 2005 at 10:39:05 pm

I don`t have a 360 yet so can`t properly answer but I`ve read someone suggest that OS X and the 360 can be connected through a network cable and that you can transfer the video files to the hard drive of a 360.

Would you not better using 720p for the video, does your TV not support it?

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