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System Problems revisited

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System Problems revisited
on Jul 20, 2005 at 8:49:48 pm

G4 Quicksilver
867Mhz, 640 MB SDRAMM (and I know I may be a bit light on RAMM)
OSX 10.3.9
Quicktime 6.5 (heard there were problems with 7)

To make a long story short. . .

Recently have been having lots of trouble. . .repeated crashes and freezes during FCP4.0 (and other applications as well), then would have problems rebooting. Naturally figured this was a problem with the drive. So, I Carbon Copy Cloned everything to a secondary internal drive (a 120G, double the size of the original boot disk). The CCC process was wrought with problems because the copy process would freeze up constantly.

But. . .persevered and got everything to that 120, everything booted up fine. But I started having some of the same troubles again (freeze, couldn't reboot). This time, out I came with the Techtools 4 disk, ran the intermediate tests from the CD, and the

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Re: System Problems revisited
on Jul 21, 2005 at 3:46:07 pm

Unfortunately, there's no definitive way to diagnose form where I'm sitting. This stuff usually has gut feelings associated, you play with the same machine long enough to get a feel for how it performs and what noises it makes, ya know?

That Carbon Copy was freezing is bad, really bad, since it works at the most fundamental file structure level, bit for bit.

You can spend weeks getting absolutely no where or you can bit it and use the Scorched Earth Process:
1. Use Disk Utility to create a Disk Image of your system drive to a new external drive. Go buy one if you need to.
2. Completely erase and reformat your drive. use TechTool or one of the advanced utility suites to completely reformat and test the drive. Takes many hours.
3. Reinstall Tiger and use the Migration Assistant to bring back your stuff form the FW drive.
4. Run all OS updates.

Sorry not to be more help. I've battled with this a couple of times over the last few months, testing, rebuilding, screwing around for days. We always end up just biting it and Scorching the Earth. Last time we skipped all the testing and trying to reconstruct a bad drive and just did the Big Bite.


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