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Firewire networking, yes! Mac and PC... a quick FYI

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Firewire networking, yes! Mac and PC... a quick FYI
on May 19, 2005 at 12:45:57 pm

I've been using my PC as "near-term storage" for capture files. I've got a TB SCSI RAID, but when that fills up, and I don't want to take things offline, I transfer the not-needed-right-now captures to a XP box that's loaded with big, cheap IDE drives. I just drag a capture scratch folder across the network onto the XP, delete off the RAID, and reverse when needed again. Sure it takes awhile (since I don't have a gigabit lan) but I just let it go after hours, and it only takes a moment of "face time".

SO... something made me think about using Firewire, and after a bit of searching (there aren't many articles it seems on Firewiring Mac & PC's), found the answer. It works so well I decided to take the time to let everyone here know. Non-quantified results appear to be much faster than 100Mb lan, as actual transfer speeds through a switch, along with other random network traffic, are quite a bit slower. The firewire is on the 400 bus.

Disclaimer: I've no idea about Tiger, it appears there are some who were using Samba/Sharepoints combo on Panther that now have issues on Tiger, and some are OK. Also, this only works w/ WinXP, not 2000, etc.

1] Have Mac-PC sharing working already, preferrably using Sharepoints & Samba via TCP/IP [other methods *may* not work w/ this setup]
2] OSX System Prefs / Network Port Configs - add a New connection, call it whatever, select Built in Firewire. Set IP address to something like Subnet, ignore DNS & everything else
3] WinXP: plug the firewire into the Mac. When "New Hardware" wizard appears, just cancel. In Network setup, select the 1394 connection, Properties, TCP/IP settings, set IP to Subnet (same scheme as Mac, natch), close.
4] OK, here's where it got a bit "grey"... after doing the above it didn't work right away. So I disconnected ethernet & let the Mac/XP 1394 stay connected, and waited a few minutes. Shortly I was able to use the Finder Connect command to mount a share from (the XP), using same user/pass syntax I use on ethernet connects.
5] plug ethernet back in. I've found NO issues so far with anything else being adversely affected. I've just got a nice, permanent, 4-10 times faster than before Mac/PC connection for the price of a 1394 cable.

Your speeds may vary, side effects may include fewer purchases of expensive external drives.

Bob Woodhead / Atlanta
G5 DP 2G, 10.3.4, 3.5GB RAM, FCP 4.5, Aja IO, Huge 320R [raid3]

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