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Stuck in a corner: Reverting to Jaguar..

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Stuck in a corner: Reverting to Jaguar..
on Apr 10, 2005 at 6:37:26 pm

OK I'm in a real weird bind here.. Forgive all the background info, but I'm not
sure if earlier details might be useful in answering my question..

We have a silver Mac G4 desktop.. Before this situation started I believe it
had Jaguar 10.2.6.. I could be wrong. Anyway we installed Panther 10.3 off of
discs we had purchased a few months ago. Then we updated to 10.3.8. At this
point our SCSI card stopped working.. We found out that the vendor (Adaptec)
ceased Mac support. We started messing with earlier revisions of Panther and we
got it to show up, but it didn't function very well.. At that point we decided
just to go back to Jaguar.

My coworker claims he ran the Jaguar reinstall and chose the option to erase
the disc. I assume he ran the install CD from within Panther.. When I got to
it, it had 10.2.8 on it, so I assumed he put the last Jaguar update available
from the Apple site on there.

The machine was somehow all kinds of messed up at that point. FinalCut would
play for 2 seconds before beach-balling.. If I tried to open and close FCP and
then open it again, it would just hang and I'd have to Force Quit from the menu
bar. Anything I put in the DVD drive just wouldnt show up on the desktop. And
attempts to open Terminal would just hang.

At that point I tried booting off the Jaguar CD directly using the C key.. with
the idea of giving another go at wiping the drive and reinstalling the drive.
But once I got to the point of choosing the drive to install upon, the box
where the drive icons usually reside was empty, and the Options button was
greyed out.

At this point, I opened Disk Utility from the Menu, and it *did* see the
internal hard drive, saw its name and saw that it was formatted HFS+. But on
any attempt to reinstall Jaguar it won't show the drive.

Any attempt to run the install from the somewhat-botched Panther install is
foiled by its lack of ability to see the DVD drive.. I even plugged an external
USB CD burner into it to no avail.

I talked to Apple, and they claim the G4 and the state that the internal hard
drive is in would require hands-on service at the Apple Store. They recommend
*against* wiping the drive through Drive Utility? But what do you all
recommend? It's gonna cost me at least $85 just for them to look at it.

I'm more seasoned with these kinds of hardware situations on PCs.. I know what
I'd do with a similar situation on an Intel machine, but dunno if my knowledge
would apply. I do have an 2nd functioning G4 BTW if that would be of any aid to
any sort of grass-roots solution to this situation.


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Re: Stuck in a corner: Reverting to Jaguar..
on Apr 11, 2005 at 3:50:21 am

I went through the same thing with Pinnacle last year, took me for ever..
I swear after several procedures, I ended up swiping the disk clean rebooting and took a couple of steps back in OS land.. and waited for the latest addition.
At one point I had to trash my FCP preferences everytime I started to edit.
Its an on going battle with vendors and Apple guess the magic word is Firewire..
Having to wait around and wait for 3rd party hardware and software if part of the big plan.
You have to access how much production will be lost, how many files are on the drive
and dollars will be lost too,before you lose a machine for a couple of days..
I know alot of people that stick with FCP 3 on older versions of OS to stay function able..

Good luck

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Re: Stuck in a corner: Reverting to Jaguar..
on Apr 11, 2005 at 4:22:53 am

Right on.. We've been through this numerous times before.. We ran OS9 forever on this machine.. And the only reason we tried to up from Jag to Panther, is because Cinewave support finally came out for it.

But now the problems we are dealing with can be filed under 'should have left well enough alone' because we have basically put everything back exactly the way it was from scratch and now the machine is all messed up.

My friend has since said to go ahead and try formatting the drive with DiskUtility before giving AppleStore $85 because it certainly can't hurt anything at this point. Does anyone disagree?

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craig moss
Re: Stuck in a corner: Reverting to Jaguar..
on Apr 12, 2005 at 4:34:42 am

When a system is really messed up and you can

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