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Too many variables for an amateur!

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Nim Jethwa
Too many variables for an amateur!
on Nov 13, 2011 at 3:47:32 pm

I have watched quite a few tutorials on slow motion via Twixtor and most of them are different with regards to settings they believe vital. I thought I had done enough research to have a lil go with some paint.

These are the results, they arn't that great and i must have messed it up at some point.

Lighting with 5 lamps.Shot on a Canon 550d/720p/f2.8/ISO 800. 50fps (60fps had continuos dark lines rolling down the image, more apparent with high shutter speeds) Shutter speed was at 1/1250th.

I brought the footage in to AE, changed it to 24fps and then played around with twixtor. The footage is slowed down in this video to 25% for the paint splattering.

With so many variables, camera settings, subject matter, lighting choices, and Twixtor settings I was just hoping for some opinions on why this doesn't look so brill. Any advice would be warmly appreciated.

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Peter Litwinowicz
Re: Too many variables for an amateur!
on Nov 14, 2011 at 8:01:04 pm

Keep in mind that waht you are trying to do is slow down something that has
a) a lot of motion between frames and
b) because of the dropping paint, there are parts of the blobs that "appear" and "disappear" from frame to frame. This causes the "blobby" warping you see. Also, as the paint drips, it crosses in front of the paint already on the table (or flat surface). SO at each frame some part of the paint on the table becomes obsured and unobscured (this also happens for the paint splatter as it bounces off the flat surface into multiple droplets).

You aren't doing anything wrong per se, just presenting Twixtor with something that is very hard to interpolate nicely. You should read our FAQ on how to shoot for Twixtor, Problematic Footage and other considerations...

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