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Twixtor Rendering Seems To Freeze PP CS5.5

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Kevin Patrick
Twixtor Rendering Seems To Freeze PP CS5.5
on Sep 12, 2011 at 4:15:22 pm

I am currently testing the demo version of Twixtor. (non-Pro)

I have a 1 second clip from a Sony EX1R, 720p 60.

I check the clip and PP shows it to be a *.MP4 file, native XDCAM EX. 1280x720, 59.94 fps, progressive, no fields.

I create a new sequence, set to Sony XDCAM EX 720p, 59.94 fps.

I open the clip in the Source monitor. I mark and in and out point and drag, just the video, to the new sequence.

I apply Twixtor to the clip and the only thing I change is speed, to 50%. All the rest of the Twixtor settings are left to the default.

Several Issues:
First, PP starts the render process and then seems to freeze. No progress is updated. Eventually, the Mac spinning beach ball shows up. In the Activity Monitor, it appears that PP is Not Responding. However, if I wait, PP comes back. Why doesn't the progress update? Why does PP appear to hang?

Second, I get some very strange behaviors depending on whether I select Twixtor Display setting to Twixtored Output or Source.

When source is selected, I see the source in the program monitor. It plays back at 100% speed with a green bar above the clip in the timeline. I guess, as expected.

When I select Twixtored Ouput, I get a red bar above the clip. Even though PP apparently rendered the effect. When I hit play, the clip does play back at 50% speed. However, it's not playing back the correct part of the source clip. For this clip I set and in and out point, which plays fine when I have Source set for Display. When I select Twixtored Output, it appears to have rendered the clip several seconds prior to where I set the in and out point.

So, why do I have a red bar above the clip after the render?

Why is it not rendering where I set the in and out point?

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Peter Litwinowicz
Re: Twixtor Rendering Seems To Freeze PP CS5.5
on Sep 12, 2011 at 5:59:13 pm

Not sure why Twixtor or PP is freezing. Send us a clip and PP project as I suggested to you in email.
As to the red bar: also not sure, will take a look

However, for the problem where Twixtor starts at a different point depending on where the in/out point is trimmed, do the following: put the clip and Twixtor into a sub-sequence (a nested sequence). And replace the clip with Twixtor in your edit with this sequence. Then as you move the in point on the sequence, you should not see your images shift.

the reason for this is due to a limitation between Twixtor and Premiere Pro... as you change the in-point, Premiere Pro tells us a different starting point for the clip. by placing the clip with Twixtor into a nested sequence and changing the in-point on that sequence (rather than the clip with Twixtor applied), you should see stable output when you change the in-point on the sequence.

To recap: never change the in-point on a clip that has twixtor applied... wish we could avoid this problem, as I'm sure you do too. But nesting the sequence should solve the problem.
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Pierre Jasmin
Re: Twixtor Rendering Seems To Freeze PP CS5.5
on Sep 12, 2011 at 9:17:53 pm

"never change the in-point on a clip"...

Actually this is fixed in CS5.5, changing the in-point in Premiere now does not slide the end retime result...

"PP is freezing"

In CS5.0 I think there was an issue with some formats like MXF causing a Premiere error internally the way Twixtor calls for images. This has also been fixed in CS5.5


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