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trying to remove Twixtor 4.5 flicker

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Run Rodriguez
trying to remove Twixtor 4.5 flicker
on Jan 4, 2010 at 5:04:31 pm

I'm still playing around with Twixtor 4.5, trying to get the best results. My issue is that I am seeing a flicker that trades frame by frame, like a 1,2,1,2,1,2 pattern. It's like a slightly different treatment of some of the details of the shot, like an interlace flicker.

Here is my process, maybe someone will see where I have gone wrong:

1. Import source footage, which is 60i 1080 HD. Set interpret fields to Upper Field first (as instructed on Twixtor website). Set number of loops to 2.

2. Place source footage in a comp and add Twixtor 4.5 pro. Settings:

Fields: Upper Field First
Frame Rate: 29.970
Motion Vectors: Best
Cache Last Motion checked
Speed: 50%
Frame Interp: Motion Weighted Blend
Warping: Inverse
Motion Blur Compensation: 0
Main_BG Sensitivity: 0 (I've tried the default of 70 as well, but I find 0 works better for a still camera)


The Twixtor website suggested keeping upper fields first for interpret footage as well as in the Twixtor effects settings. Apparently it would be different for Twixtor versions lower than 4.5.

Also, if I set the interpret footage to none and input fields to none, the flicker goes away, however I see some horizontal interlacing lines. I can remove these lines with fields kit deinterlacer and so then I have solved the interlacing issue, but the slow motion is not as nice as when I Twixtor 60i.

Source footage is encoded with apple pro res 422.


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Pierre Jasmin
Re: trying to remove Twixtor 4.5 flicker
on Jan 4, 2010 at 6:51:23 pm

1) I gather you use After Effects (that would be useful to know)
2) If you have a short sequence + the project that would make it easier (such can be sent to techsupport at revisionfx dot com)
or press on the Support button on our website and the support form will reply with an ftp location to provide material

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