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Removing Motion Blur in RSMB

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R. Zane Rutledge
Removing Motion Blur in RSMB
on Jul 25, 2008 at 3:48:08 pm

Hi there.

I have some handheld footage I'm trying to stabilize/smooth/mitigate. AE does a pretty good job of stabilizing it, but of course the moments of largest/fastest bobble produce some rather disturbing motion blur on the scene, in particular on the two people talking. This of course reads as unnatural and weird when perfectly stable, and even if some of the camera move is reintroduced to the scene...

I've experimented with the demo of RSMB, but I can't seem to find any PDF manual or anything to figure out exactly how the removal of motion blur is working. I'm not expecting miracles (I don't really expect to get something sharp from a smear of blurry pixels), but I am hoping to get the best results possible.

What I'm not certain about is this: I'm assuming RSMB is doing a per-pixel comparison between frames and then using that vector data to kinda sharpen in the correct direction as I dial the blur setting into negative values. So the best thing to do would be to simply apply RSMB to the original handheld clip (static in AE) and get a "non-blurred" result out. THEN apply the AE stabilization to that clip, which will move and rotate it around, making the contents in it appear to be stable. (This is what I'm doing now.)

What I'm curious about is whether I should (or could) somehow be feeding the "stabilization" motion (or the inverse of it) from AE into the filter, so in case the AE track is doing a better job of predicting the motion than the per-pixel filter, it could try to un-blur using that data? Does that even make sense? My guess is I'm doing it correctly, but not being able to "see" the vector analysis, just the results, I can't really tell if the filter is doing the best motion estimation it can. (And I'm not using any of the Track Points or anything.) I wonder if there's more I can do, motion-wise, with the filter.

The blur correction looks pretty much like any UnSharpMask-type filter to me. Rings the edges, doesn't really work too well at actually reducing blur directionally or improving clarity on the shot. As I said, not too sure I'm expecting much more out of this, but thought I'd give it a shot.

I'm anyone has links to a PDF manual or any insight into improvements I might try, I'd certainly appreciate it.


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Pierre Jasmin
Re: Removing Motion Blur in RSMB
on Jul 31, 2008 at 12:54:44 am

When you download the plugin in the extracted folder you will find documentation

In short hand: make amount under 0 to shrink motion blur (works ok on blurry hair pre keying for example)

You can feed stabilization / tracking data data but as Points.
There is some examples in twixtor support section of helping out with points - you can also in PRO turn off image tracking to see the influence of your points by themselves


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