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Need your advise for HDV footage (deinterlacing-stabilizing,-interlacing)

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Need your advise for HDV footage (deinterlacing-stabilizing,-interlacing)
on Jul 15, 2007 at 8:54:30 pm

Hi guys,

first let me say, nice forum and great helpers!

OK, now let me tell you my status, my problem and my questions:

I'm working on an imagefilm and its shot in HDV PAL (50i with upper field first). Im using Adobe PP2.0 and AE 7.0 Pro.
Now this footage is just some parts of a city shot from a helicopter. The camera was fixed on the helicopter but the heli was moving fast and jittery, so I have to stabilize the footage.
Basically what you see in the heli-shots is just the city with many small houses and land...

Now the problem: For stabilizing with SteadyMove Pro it has to be deinterlaced first because I made some very bad experience with stabilizing interlaced footage.

After stabilizing the footage I have to interlace them back to 50i upper field first.

After placing the stabilized shots back into the main comp of the movie everything will be downsized for a SD DVD PAL (50i lower field first), becuase this is what I have to deliver.

For deinterlacing I want to use Fields Kit and some of the heli-clips need to be slowed down to 50% Speed, too. For this I have Twixtor.

So my question is, because Im kinda noob in ReVision FX, how to do my job most efficiently in lets say 5-6 hours, because this is the time I got for it.
The heli-clips are together 70 seconds long.

I already tried out a few things, but I would like to know how to do it right.

Do I need to do a high quality de-interlacing with FK considering the down-scaling at the end? I never did understand what to choose in twixtor in the input framerate option if the footage was already deinterlaced using the 2xFPS, 1 Frame per Field method.

So can you please help me in the worklfow?

Thank you!

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Pierre Jasmin
Re: Need your advise for HDV footage (deinterlacing-stabilizing,-interlacing)
on Jul 16, 2007 at 2:34:27 pm

1) In this case unless the camera is locked-off you can probably skip FK
2) FK 2X FPS: 2X FPS (see doc Timing Modes:) is only tested/supported in AE and Combustion because these applications support multiple frame rates within a single project. For example in AE you can drop a 29.97 comp into a 59.94 comp etc... So you probably would want to use 2X Duration
3) Within Premiere, maybe don't touch FPS in twixtor. If you doubled the Duration with FK, then you simply compensate the speed amount, so instead of 300% you use 150%.
4) To make a sequence longer in Premiere
see also:


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