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Motion Morph Confusion ??

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Fred Vences
Motion Morph Confusion ??
on May 18, 2005 at 5:25:00 pm

Hi, Guys !

I need, your help. May sound stupid but I'm wondering "HOW THEY GOT IT" ??

I got this Plug-in that Looks the best...!
RE: Flex Motion Morph.
I read the Manuals, over and over and went over their Tutorials that
came with the Plug-in and download the tutorials from their website,
which they're about the same concept.

I undertand the Logic of the Plug-in and enough to do work under AF.
they explained everything pretty good from their sample pictures point on.
BUT, they don't explain or give a little simple sample in how they got to
the pictures point.!

Now, they talk about building "Splines" in pairs.,I undertand Splines,but
After Effects does not use that terminology, does it??
I think they refferring to "Strokes"?? Don't they ??
At one point I tought they used Paint Options ??

This is the part I'm confused with !!

The reason I'm confused is becuase in their Pictures they have three
Boundaries., two of them are Open Boundaries and one is closed Boundary.
showing the whole body of the person in the picture.!!?
if that closed boundary would be a "Stroke" (that this what they called spline).
then it would have masked out the rest of the body !!
'cuase I do it and that's what happened, using Strokes.

So,I wonder how or what they used themselves to get the splines
to match the pictures???

!! I need to keep the whole body !! but have the close boundary,too.
to limit the Morph.

I asked them that question,but they told me that's part of learning
After Effcets and AF will cover it. !!

Maybe they right !! "I don't know much about After Effcets" not enough
to match their pictures.!

Does any one is Familiar with this Plug-in that help me out ??

or any one knows about a nice tutorial where they show this
right from scratch and how to apply Motion Morph. ??
"Not their tutorials" , please!!

Thanks in advance !!

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Peter Litwinowicz
Re: Motion Morph Confusion ??
on May 18, 2005 at 6:24:23 pm

Hello again,

Note that the section on Motion Morph in our manual strong suggests you are familiar with RE:FLex Warp. So I suggest you try just warping a picture first, instead of starting with Motion Morphing).

To be clear: the splines we refer to are AE's masks, not paint strokes. Unfortunately, AE's splines are used to create masks for layers, but for plugins you can create open splines that are not used to mask anything out... but are used as part of the plugin's controls.

From the description off RE:Flex Warp (which I guess should be in a "about RE:Flex" section... we'll try to update the manual at some point so it is more clear ):

Important: Because After Effects uses the word "mask" for geometry whether it is open or closed, we will too. Note that RE:Flex Warp uses all the masks of a layer as the warping geometry (you do not get to choose which masks are being used... ALL are used in the warping process. You do have the option of specifying a special "boundary" mask, which will be discussed below).

Hint: If you use a closed mask for warping you may want to choose "None" for the mask operator (the default is "Add").

Hint: To create multiple open masks you'll need to do the following: deselect the first mask before starting the second mask , or the next click will simply add the control point to the first mask.

Also from RE:Flex Warp:
Boundary: Boundary can be set to a closed mask that specifies the region where warping can occur. Regions outside the boundary are not allowed to be warped (however, if you pull a piece of the image from inside the boundary to outside the boundary, this will be allowed). The boundary mask must be a closed mask. If the boundary is set to an open mask then the boundary mask is closed for you.

Hope this helps,

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Fred Vences
Re: Motion Morph Confusion ??
on May 18, 2005 at 7:12:24 pm

Thanks !

I'll practice this issue !!

And don't take wrong ! I got the Motion Morphing Working.,
Looks Great,Looks awesome !

Except for the Close Boundary to limit the Morph.
I don't want to morph the whole thing and this is what it's doing.
so I need to close the boundary to morph only part I need to morph.

But I'll get it !!
I'll review your message again and check it out !!

Thanks alot !
Everything has been very helpful !!

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