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Gettin Particular to interact with 3D objects

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Dustin Derry
Gettin Particular to interact with 3D objects
on Jul 7, 2016 at 8:12:43 pm

Greetings All!

I am still a bit of a newbie with after effects. I know you can make trapcode: Particular interact with a Floor Object and a Wall object... but I need to go a little further than that.

Is there any way to make particular interact with a tiered 3D object so that particles gather on various tiers and maybe bounce down a tier or two?

For instance:

I am working on a show that we project graphics over painted drops. One of them has a christmas tree. I want my magical fairy wand (my emitter nullobject that moves around the tree in 3D space) to be able to cover various bow tiers in stars or snow or what have you. My throught was to set a 'invisble' 3D object (roughly the shape and size of my tree) as the floor object in particular, but I am hitting road-blocks.


I want o spill a bucket of marbles aand have them hit the table, bounce off the table hit a chair and then maybe finally hitting the floor. Is there any way to achieve something like this?

Thank you VERY muchin advance.

Is there a way to make the 'floor' of trapcode a 3D object or a better way to do this without having to a13 different emitters on one null.


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Kalle Kannisto
Re: Gettin Particular to interact with 3D objects
on Jul 11, 2016 at 6:39:39 am

Particular physics are limited to that single plane interaction. You'll have to approach the task in a different manner.

For sticking to a 3D object, I'd try and time the particle life so that it is in the vicinity of where you want the particles to end up and then create new particles on the object with (for instance) a masked reveal of a layer where same-looking particles are already stuck in their final position. If you have a lot of particles, it can be pretty convincing. So you'd be using Particular particles when they are in motion and fixed particles when they stick and try and mask the transition to be seamless.

For multiple bounce events, you're better off doing it in a 3D program. Blender should be able to do this.

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