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3D Stroke randomly not rendering

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Jason Moore
3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Jan 10, 2013 at 4:12:28 pm


I'm using Trapcode's 3D stroke to create various shapes like clocks, houses and so on. In order to get an interesting write on effect, I'm using several layers of 3D stroke on solids with vector data pasted in from Illustrator.

Whenever I ram preview random layers blink on and off. For instance if I have layer a, b, and c, and all 3 layers are using the 3D stroke plugin, on frame 1, a and c might be visible, but then in frame 2, layer a and c might disappear with layer b being visible. There's no pattern to it.

I've tried continuously rasterizing these layers and playing around with settings. I'm at a loss.

The plugin does exactly what I need for it to do minus the rendering problems.

Any help will be appreciated.

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William Cope
Re: 3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Jan 22, 2013 at 2:37:35 pm


I'm having the exact same issue. Have you been able to solve it?


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Jason Moore
Re: 3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Jan 22, 2013 at 5:16:20 pm

I didn't get any responses here or at Trapcode.

I did find when I ram previewed at half resolution at 50% I had less issues. Still I wish someone in the know would speak up.

The renders don't seem to have as many issues as the previews, but every now and then I get a bad frame.

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Enguerrand Dumont
Re: 3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Jan 30, 2013 at 9:16:51 am

Ok, that's weird.

I just had the exact same problem, 3D Stroke was not rendering few frames, and After Effects crashed when I tried rendering my composition.

I unchecked the rendering motion blur switch in my composition panel and it worked like a charm (even after switching motion blur back on)... I don't know if it will, but hope that it will work for you too.

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Michael Colarik
Re: 3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Feb 25, 2017 at 4:08:59 pm

For me, starting out, 3D Stroke was working great. I was tracing Logo Text. The glitching/disappearing didn't start until I got to like 8-10x 3D Stroke FXs on one Precomp layer.

It wasn't only the lines, but also the Precomp artwork I was tracing was disappearing too. Since I was trouble shooting...I tried a couple of the suggestions along with setup/solution that worked for me: (Hope this helps someone)

The Motion Blur suggested by Enguerrand Dumont WORKED! Only problem is I need motion-blur enabled for other layers/FX and didn't want to try and setup any prerenders.

COLOR BIT: 8bpc → 16bpc: WORKED*
My comp was already at 16bpc...but for this project we had earlier set color working space to sRGB and checked the "Linearize Working Space". When I unchecked fixed precomp artwork from disappearing. **But we needed to keep "Linearize Working Space" checked.

TRANSFER MODE: This Setup WORKED for what I needed
Since I was using multiple 3D Stroke FX on one precomp layer with the LogoText AND I wanted the Logo Text to be visible...I set all the Transfer Modes to "Add" in order to stack the results. However, when I got to the 8-10 FXs it started glitching and having unpredictable behavior as to what was rendering. Sometimes previous lines missing or Precomp Artwork would disappear.
  1. Duplicate the original Precomp/Layer with all the 3D Stroke FXs which we'll refer to as Precomp A. The new duplicated Precomp we'll call Precomp B
  2. On Precomp A, turn off/delete all of the 3D Stroke FXs
  3. Now, on Precomp B...go to the very first 3D Stroke FX in the stack. Go to the Transfer Mode and set to "None". This is important in order to fix disappearing lines. The rest of the 3D Stroke FXs' Transfer Mode should be set to "Add"
    • When I tested and turned visibility off for Precomp A...some of the lines in the stack were missing from Precomp B, but when that first 3D Stroke FX's Transfer Mode was set to "None" they all reappeared

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Michael Colarik
Re: 3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Feb 25, 2017 at 5:30:51 pm


As I continued working on my project. Some other considerations that might be causing the glitch/disappearing:

I had one path that was an "open" path. And when I was modifying it, whether moving or changing shape...after frame refreshed it would result in glitch/disappearing. After some tweaking, I was able to get the lines/artwork back.

But I am starting to think it has to do with the VALUES of the properties inside of 3D Stroke FX...Here's why:

When I began animating my "Offset" property. I set the keyframes to default easing (F9). Which results in very slight value changes near the keyframes. I happened to catch a missing frame and sure enough...its value was 103.4445.
SOLUTION: Use AE Expressions built in Math.round()
  1. Alt-click the "Offset" property keyframe clock icon to open AE Expressions property.
  2. Click the Circle Icon with "fwd" triangle and navigate to JavaScript Math > Math.round(value) and click it.
  3. Press the NumPad "Enter" key to submit the expression value

  4. Now...the value is 103.0 and my lines/artwork is back!!   😎

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Ataur-Raziq Gonzalez
Re: 3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Sep 30, 2014 at 12:23:58 pm

I ran into the same problem out of nowhere. I looked through all the settings and found that the Advanced > Adjust Step value needs to be adjusted to fix the flickering issue when it renders.

Try lowering the value, I hope this fixes your problem.

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Aaron Lisic
Re: 3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Oct 10, 2014 at 12:46:25 am

Okay so I had similar problem, I was using 3D stroke to create simple lines, but I had those blinking problems, So what you need to do is to set your project to 16 bpc, you can do that by going to Project Window, And in bottom you can see it is set by default to 8 bpc, you need to hold ALT + Click on the "8 bpc", Hope this will help all of you with same problem.

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Gaspar Salazar Gattás
Re: 3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Jan 23, 2015 at 2:23:50 pm

That did it, thank you men!!!

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Frank Wells
Re: 3D Stroke randomly not rendering
on Feb 14, 2015 at 2:30:58 am

That did it!! thanks so much.

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