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Create this effect? Smoke + Light

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Emil Niemi
Create this effect? Smoke + Light
on Apr 5, 2010 at 6:22:50 am

Hi guys, i'm wondering how i can be creating this effect

Right on 24 secounds.

The smoke is problary made with particular v2? Which i do have.
And then i just need a light added to it, and then just particular v2 to the tail which i know how to create.

It's mostly the smoke and light i'm wondering for.

I've tried to create that sort of smoke, but i haven't succeed yet =|

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Mike Park
Re: Create this effect? Smoke + Light
on Apr 6, 2010 at 8:30:59 pm

Try emitting some particles and then adding cc vector blur and play with the settings. It will get you pretty close.


Mike Park

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Emil Niemi
Re: Create this effect? Smoke + Light
on Apr 8, 2010 at 7:48:47 pm

I've been trying today, and i'm not comming close to it :S I'm not sure which functions i will need to change on the particles etc.
Also when i added CC vector blur, it just went worse.

Here's settings i was changing.

[[PARTICULAR V2 ON SOLID "Particular v2 Smoke"]]

Particle/sec: 100000
Emitter type: Sphere
Position Z: -1000
Velocity: 500
Emitter Size X,Y,Z: 1000

Particle size: 1
Size over life: \ ramp (Birth -> Death)
Transfer mode: Add

Shading: On
Nominal Distance: 100

[Physics];Turbulence field
Affect Position: 1000
Affect SIZE: 2

Light type: Point
Intensity: 200%

[[NULL object]]
3D Layer

Parent Light position to NULL position

This layer here down doesn't rly matter, just that tail, which i knows how to do already.

[[PARTICULAR V2 ON SOLID "Particular line"]]
Parent Position Z to NULL position Z
Parent Position X,Y to NULL position
(size over life, opacity over life, blending: add, particle size: 1-2, opacity: xx..)


Also i'm wondering how i get the nice lightning on the smoke too.. I'm using the shading, but when i had that on it was light up all the particles.
So i lowered the "Normal distance" function which made it smaller, and also made 200% intensity on the light because i wanted to make it lighter (but i didn't realize it went much lighter).

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