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Particular differences

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Neal Hammers
Particular differences
on May 26, 2009 at 4:27:22 pm

I have been using Particular for some time and noticed that some things get totaly screwed when I change comp settings or even just framerate.
Recent drop was when my coleague asked me help with this sample grass project from aeFreemart.

Project is NTSC, however he works in PAL and the task was to adapt for this. When I simply changed comps frame rate from 30 to 25, it made 50% of grass disappear and even worse when I tried to change whole comp to PAL D1 preset. Not my first project dealing with Particular, but I couldn't figure out where is the magic settings for making look-like-it-was-with-NTSC.
For me it seems much easier to recreate whole thing, but by sake of understanding Particular I am looking for tweak-solution. Could anyone point params to change?

Another, more general thing is some time ago I was doing comp with custom Particular 3D starfield parallax background and animated camera in AE 65. I moved that aep to renderfarm in our studio, where was AE 7, and woah - that scene looked totaly messed up, because camera instead of traveling toward starfield, traveled through it. In that moment I couldn't figure out (find a magic tweak again) what was a cause of this, so its cost was few thousands of my braincells because of deadline. This was unable to forget this and later messed with that project again and discovered that cause was (if i remember correctly) emiter scale which had to divide by 10 or 100.. welldoesntmatteranymore. %(
The question is does anyone else have noticed similar problems, and if this is a common case, then what are other surprises users can expect when they move their projects from version to version (and probably from OS to OS)? If I am missing some knowledge base or smth, please post some links.

Thankyou. :)

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