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Francisco Cueto
Trapcode Particular & parenting emitter, REDOUX
on Feb 23, 2009 at 4:10:39 pm

first time poster, long time lurker...

I am trying to animate an emitter going up that is about 1/3 from the left margin. I want this emitter to spin as it goes up, to kinda draw like a xmas tree.

In 3D packages I would animate a NULL going up, then place another null off to the side (the distance between them defines my radius) as the first null goes up I also rotate it about the Y axis and VOILA, the null that's sitting to the side starts climbing up in a spiral fashion. Then all I need is to animate the second null on its local X axis towards the first null, basically creating a spiral with a decreasing radius kind of thing that looks like a X-mass tree (at least its trajectory)

I tried this setup with particular but no luck. I followed all the tutorials I could and read the very recent thread about this, and I am stumped. It seems that since I am using Parenting, the animation info is not passed along via the expression pick-whip method.

any clues how to go about this? I really dont want to open up the 3d app today :-(

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Mark Crenshaw
Re: Trapcode Particular & parenting emitter, REDOUX
on Feb 25, 2009 at 4:15:04 pm

If I understand the issue correctly, you can easily do this without using the pick whip. Here's a quick example I did. I added a Lux layer so you can follow the emitter more easily.

Create a new solid and apply Particular.

Create a null object and make it 3D.

Create a new point light and name it "Emitter" without the quotes. This will be your second "null" as in a 3D app.

Set the Emitter type in Particular to Light.

Parent your light to the null.

Animate the null and the light as you would in a 3D app.

The "Light" emitter type may have some limitations in terms of how you can make it look and react but it solves the motion issue.


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