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Would appreciate some advice for my mel script tool

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Jeffrey Miller
Would appreciate some advice for my mel script tool
on Jun 7, 2014 at 9:00:32 pm
Last Edited By Jeffrey Miller on Jun 7, 2014 at 9:28:15 pm

Hi guys n' gals,

I'm looking for some advice as to how to approach this issue I have. I'm trying to create a panel that pops up to the left of the docked window when you click a button, it toggles.

The toggle button should be able to change its text from "<-" to "->" when you click on it, so basically, it swaps itself out.

I was referencing some scripts but the issue is that I cannot figure out how to call a procedure and change the button as well.

For reference, this is what I have thus far (I know it's taken out of context but I'll fill you in on the details in a moment)...

[some code above labeled that dock be reinitialized if it's already there with some strings]
$CB = `window
-t "Channel Box / Tool"
-tlb true -wh 260 1000`;

columnLayout -adj true;
rowColumnLayout -nc 1;
button -e -l "<-" -w 260 -h 32 -c "ToggleMergeToolbar;";
columnLayout -adj true;
// create a channel box widget
channelBox -h 600;
[a bunch of buttons under it]
showWindow $CB;


global proc ToggleMergeToolbar(){
global string $TestIt;
global string $MergeWndDisplay;
$TestIt = `paneLayout -q -vis MergeWindow`;
if ($TestIt == 0){
$MergeWndDisplay = "on";
paneLayout -e -vis 1 MergeWindow;
button -e -l "->" -c "ToggleMergeToolBar;";

if ($TestIt == 1){
$MergeWndDisplay = "off";
paneLayout -e -vis 0 MergeWindow;
if (`dockControl -ex CB`){
dockControl -e -w 400 CB;

button -e -l "<-" -c "ToggleMergeToolbar;";

$CB/ CB is for my ChannelBox Widget. I'm having issues because I think what I came up with was correct, but I'm missing something... Can someone help me out with this? Maybe provide a few answers or a script that summarizes what I'm trying to achieve?

Thank you for at least taking the time to look this post! Any comments are appreciated and would probably be helpful!

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Jeffrey Miller
Re: Would appreciate some advice for my mel script tool
on Jun 8, 2014 at 1:14:25 am

Alright, well, due to some hardwork and a little elbow grease... I've managed to get everything working in my script up until it tells me that:

paneLayout: Object 'MergeWindow' not found.

I'm not sure how to go about creating an object named MergeWindow. I had it set up as a procedure at one point, but that proved fruitless. Now everything is condensed into one procedure and it's still providing the same issue.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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