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exporting FBX from Maya with materials

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catherine sulzmann
exporting FBX from Maya with materials
on Jun 21, 2012 at 10:47:04 am

Hi All,
This is my little predicament:

I need to export a maya scene as a collada .dae file. However when I exported as a DAE_FBX then it came up with a warning: Unable to export some material(s). It did export the objects but not the materials.
So I went to the autodesk website and downloaded the newest FBX plug-in version 2012.2 (I have maya 2012)
But still that didn't work
So I looked it up on the web and many forums suggested that exporting it as a .dae won't take the materials you have assigned to the objects.
So they suggested I export as a FBX, with Embed Media checked in the export presets, and then use the FBX converted to change it into a .dae which will then hold all my textures and materials in the file together.
Which I did, but I'm still getting the same warning of unable to export materials.
So I made sure that all history was deleted from each object (there is no animation occurring in the scene - it's just 5 objects).
That didn't help either.
Then a post in another forum suggested that when exporting, it can't find the materials and textures. So I made a new project in maya, and made sure the FBX file would be right next to all the textures that are used in the scene and made sure they were all connected to the relevant objects in the scene.
But that made no difference.
So it occurred to me that it must be the material it doesn't like. Each object has a maya fast skin sss shader assigned with colour maps, bump maps and specular maps as well as AO.
So I tried a new file with a simple cube in it and assigned a red lambert with a simple bump map. It exported the cude, and the red lambert but not the bump map.

Am I right in saying that FBX files do not export materials that are not the generic ones such as lambert, phong, Blinn etc?
Or am I missing something here? Is there no way of exporting as a FBX or DAE which includes not only the objects but the assigned materials?

Thanks in advance

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Aundrea Malone
Re: exporting FBX from Maya with materials
on Jun 25, 2012 at 9:32:40 pm

I am having similar problems when dealing with the .dae files, but I have hada a lot of experience using fbx with engines like Unreal and Unity and fbx tend to be awesome at carrying all the info of all materials with them including transparencies, bumps, baked lighting etc. However I just started trying to convert to .dae and it is a nightmare. I cannot get any files to export as a dae and be readable from Maya, however if I export an fbx from maya to 3ds Max it opens fine then the .dae export from 3ds max at least come through with the mesh but still no textures.
I am interested if anyone has any suggestions. I haven't been able to find any online.

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