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Using Imported and downloaded materials and textures in Maya

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Chale Ramirez
Using Imported and downloaded materials and textures in Maya
on Apr 28, 2012 at 10:46:49 pm


First of all i must say that i am quite new using Maya. I need help on how to import materials into Maya. My problem is that i downloaded some materials/shaders and their textures from the internet. When i go to the hypershade window i import the material (which is concrete) and it appears correctly but, when i add the material to my object it turns it black and when i render it shows the object black with a very reflective surface! And all of us know that that is not even close to representing realistic concrete. So that's my problem. Someone already told me that i needed to download the textures for that specific material and i already did. In the hypershade window, in the materials tab, the material appears, as well as the textures in the textures tab. If it's any help, i downloaded the material and texture from

So, can anyone help me and tell the step by step on how to get the realistic concrete material on my object from the one that i downloaded?

Thanks in advance!

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Ben van Hamelen
Re: Using Imported and downloaded materials and textures in Maya
on May 11, 2012 at 7:23:10 am

Hey there,

I doubt you'll ever see this, since I'm terribly late in replying, but I figured it out for you.

The materials have absolute paths, meaning that in one particular case they may refer to bitmap images on your I: drive. Which most likely is not where your material is currently at. So, here's what I did to fix it manually:

1. I downloaded the Leather material for demonstration purposes (
2. I opened the .mb file from the Scenes folder.
3. I went into the hypershader, selected the leather material and clicked the 'in and output connections' button (the rounded square with two arrows, just below graph/window).
4. Now we have 2 file nodes, at the very left (in my case) of the shading network. When you open one of them in the attribute editor, you'll see that there's a path. In this case it refers to I:...
5. Point it to the correct location of the files. They're in your sourceimages folder, right next to the scenes folder.
6. Do that for both files and you should be ready to go.

I find it a bit silly that they use absolute paths, because it'll always require the rebuilding of the material. But this should fix it.

Hope you'll ever read this :)


Ben van H.

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Chale Ramirez
Re: Using Imported and downloaded materials and textures in Maya
on May 11, 2012 at 5:33:40 pm


I've seen your response. Already solved the problem as you did, but thanks for your concern and response!

I appreciate it! ...

Thanks again!

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