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render setting: I just want DVpal widescreen and it doesn't render that size

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Esther Diepenhorst
render setting: I just want DVpal widescreen and it doesn't render that size
on Jun 22, 2011 at 2:26:52 pm

Hello, I come here because I am having some trouble setting up render settings for a file I made that uses a camera in my composition.
I was beginning to have troubles because Maya has no preset for Pal DV Widescreen, so I was left with a list to fill in of which I don't know what everything means.
So I filled in what I could:
Maintain width/height ratio off
Maintain ratio: pixel
Width: 720
Height: 576
Size units: Pixels
Resolution: 72.000 (didn't change it)
Resolution units: pixels/inch

Device aspect ratio: 1.460
Pixel aspect ratio: 1.168 (changed to this, cant have the same number for both it seems).

I read that I had to set the camera settings as well, I had a list fo things but I couldn't find them anywhere in my attribute editor.
-select cam, switch resolution gate on.
-render globals - 720x576
-device aspect ratio - 1.77 (or 1.778 if you want)

I couldn't find the render globals int he camera settings, neither the switch resolution gate on. I did find the Film Spect Ratio which I set to 1.46 for widescreen.
But if I render it doesn't render in widescreen, instead it seems to be square pixel or something.

So can anyone tell me how I set things up properly to actually render in DV pal widescreen 720x576?
I tried the HD720 but that one doesn't entirely fit. It can do for now but I would still like to know if a simple 720x576 is possible.

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Steve Sayer
Re: render setting: I just want DVpal widescreen and it doesn't render that size
on Jun 23, 2011 at 8:41:52 pm

Hello, Esther.

The camera's settings and the render globals are two different things, accessed in two different places.

For the camera, the settings in question are stored in its shape node. Perhaps you've only been looking at its transform node? Select the camera and open your attribute editor. There should be a tab called 'perspShape' or 'camera1Shape' or similar. Click on that tab to reveal the camera's rendering properties.

The render globals apply to the whole scene, not just one camera, and they are accessed via the little clapperboard icon with two dots next to it on your status line. It sounds like you don't have any trouble finding that one.

What you should do is set the resolution in the render globals to 720 x 576, then set the device aspect ratio to 1.778 as suggested. Once you do this Maya should automatically calculate the necessary pixel aspect ratio (I believe it will be 1.457... not sure).

Making the resolution gate visible doesn't do anything except provide you with a visual representation of the area to be rendered in your viewport.

Hope that helps,


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