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Using Extrude Tool

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Sanjay Maurya
Using Extrude Tool
on Jun 4, 2011 at 9:27:44 pm

Hello Everyone here,

I'm beginner to Maya. I'm using Maya 2008. Currently I'm facing issue with understanding tool "Extrude" in Maya. Could any one here please help me out on this tool.

Consider I have a big circle in side view port as path for extrude. I want to create a tube with this circle.
Now I draw two small circles (for creating tube like structure around bigger circle) one in Top and one in Front view ports.

Using move tool I adjust the positions of these small circle in Top and Front view ports so that Pivot points sit on big circle.

Now if I try to Extrude with small circle present in top view port with big circle, I get weird shape. But if I extrude with small circle present in front view port with big circle, I get perfect extrude surface.

Similarly if I draw big circle in other view ports, same issues are faced.

Another situation would be if I'm drawing small circle in the same view port as the big circle is in. The small circle is rotated so that small circle's surface is perpendicular to big circle. But even this could not help to produce extrude surface.

Could any one please let me know what is rule to create extrude surface?


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Steve Sayer
Re: Using Extrude Tool
on Jun 6, 2011 at 3:41:52 pm

There are different settings in the Path Extrude options to control how the profile curve will be positioned and aligned along the path curve.

Some settings expect the profile curve to be positioned at the start of the path (in your case, it would have to be at the START of the big circle, not just anywhere along it). Some settings expect the profile to be seated at the origin of the scene.

Remember that after you have created the extrusion, you can access its history node and change the way it is being calculated. So even if it doesn't look right at first, you can still correct it without having to start over.


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Sanjay Maurya
Re: Using Extrude Tool
on Jun 6, 2011 at 5:02:24 pm

Hello Steve,

Thank you so much for taking effort to answer my query. I appreciate your effort on this. I would like you to give a big thank you.

Thank you..

I will catch you later if I find any difficulty in understanding anything on Maya.

Sanjay Maurya

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