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student needs assistance for maya scene

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julie pheasant
student needs assistance for maya scene
on May 25, 2011 at 1:25:50 pm

Hi Everyone
I'm a real newie. I'm currently doing a course where I have to create a Maya scene. I am very stressed as I am very new and late starting the modeling and rendering. Life has been really stressful with other things happening and I need to do this. I have attached a rough version of the image scene. It will be eventually turned into a digital hologram.
I would be extremely grateful for any help at all. Please please be gentle with me as I'm still learning the language. I know photoshop and I illustrate books.
Basically, I've been thinking that the midnight sky could be an image plane?
The landscape shapes to resemble a 3d landscape shape horizon .
The moon a nurbs sphere with a textured map on it?
The suspended book a modeled book made through rectangles polygons? Then textured?
The scene within the book modeled 3d and sunk into the surface? Then coloured to look like an illustration?
The girl at the front I want remained flat like a book illustration...but I dont know a matter of fact I've lost my nerve and feel totally lost.
Please please help...

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Ben van Hamelen
Re: student needs assistance for maya scene
on May 25, 2011 at 5:24:07 pm

Alright, you're on the right track. The background would work as an image plane. Maybe you shouldn't even make the moon a real 3D object, just add it in the background. Save yourself the trouble. Now, for the book. I suggest you model the cover the way it is in the picture, laying right open. Just use a polygon cube and model it the way you want it.

The easiest way for the pages would probably be by making a very thin cube, stretch it up so it matches the height of the pages. Make it very narrow though and place it right where the page is 'pasted' into the cover. Now, in one of your orthographic views, use the EP curve tool to draw a curve. Make sure the curve resembles the curvature of the bookpage. Once you do that, go back to your narrow, thin rectangular cube you made before. Select the left or right face (depending on which way the page goes), then shift select the curve you just drew and go to Edit mesh -> extrude.

At this stage, it'll probably look totally messy. While having the page-cube selected, open the channel box and up the number of division to whatever works for you. 15 divisions would probably make it look just right. There you have it, a page. Now, duplicate it as much as you want, make slight adjustments, stack them on top of each other and you've got yourself half a book. Now duplicate your stack, rotate them to the other side and you got 2 sides of the book nicely filled with pages.

For the image: the easiest way is to just select some faces and planar map your image texture straight onto it. This way you won't need to get all into UV mapping. In the hypershader, create a lambert. Open it in the attribute editor, next to the color, click the checkerbutton, select file, browse for your image, hit ok. Select the faces (preferably the same shape as your image) on the page, apply the texture. Go to create UV's -> planar mapping -> click the square right of planar mapping. Select the right axis and hit ok. Make adjustments if needed.

Long story, tried to keep it as simple as possible without writing an entire novel. Hope it helps.


Ben van H.

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