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Emitter question

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Mike Moss
Emitter question
on Nov 10, 2010 at 7:42:03 am


First, If you happened to run across my old thread (Maya Rotation/Scripting) I finally figured out how to do that using expressions.

But now for my second question...

Is there a way to create an emitter using multiple animated poly objects?

Just like in my previous thread i have an Earth viewed from in space and i need 52 (YES, 52! ugh) books "peeling" off the earth, floating through space towards the camera and finally floating past the camera.

How would i create a single emitter and have all 52 books emit from that at diffrent times? (about one book, every 1000 frames, give or take)

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Chris Giusti
Re: Emitter question
on Dec 1, 2010 at 10:03:37 pm

Okay.. not sure if you figured it out yet nor not, but make an emitter, and do the calculations to make 1 emit every 1000 frames.. so change Rate (Particles/Sec) to something like 0.024, and your max frames to 1000 frames times 52, so 52000 frames.. I used 53424 because the emitter actually emits at more like 1 per 1008 frames, or 42 seconds. The formula for rate seems to be 24/seconds/24 where you calculate seconds from how many frames you want the gap to be (frame gap you WANT/frames per second).

ANYWAYS so the emitter is emitting at the rate you want. Now, change the Render Attibutes (in the particleShape node) to Numeric, just so you can scrub through and see just how many are emitting. Then import your book geometry and select them in the order you want (if the order is proper already, just shift click the first and shift click the last in your outliner) and then go to the dynamics menu and click Particles > Instancer (Replacement), You can either just apply it right away, go to Instancer drop down in the particleShape node and change ObjectIndex to particleId, or do it from the options box.

To make them look like they fly a bit more, add spiral and/or turbulence.

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