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Problem with stray vertices after painting weights

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Elizabeth Marriner
Problem with stray vertices after painting weights
on May 12, 2010 at 3:03:50 am

I'm new to Maya, and I'm having a problem with painting weights on a smooth skin.

What appears to be happening is that Maya "forgets" that certain vertices on the skin should be affected by the skeleton. The result is that when I move the skeleton, most of the skin works fine, except for one or two vertices, which aren't affected at all, leaving my model with crazy spikes.

When I first bind the skin, nothing wrong. The skin works fine, other than needing the weights adjusted. After I've been painting for a while, I find that some vertices have stopped moving with the skeleton. If I duplicate the skin and skeleton and rebind them, then copy the weights, there will still be screwy vertices, but they will be *different* screwy vertices. I've tried deleting the history and rebinding the skin; I've tried locking the joint weights while I'm painting; I'm out of things to try.

I've checked the Component Editor for these vertices: the weight values that ought to be zero are, and the values that shouldn't be zero add up to 1.

Is there some way to rebind a single stray vertex back onto a skeleton?

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Michel Ichiy
Re: Problem with stray vertices after painting weights
on May 25, 2010 at 2:17:47 pm

Hi I got the same problem. I was trying to paint weight on my skin but some vertices just moved and created some spikes. This even happened when I flooded some weights total black. I tried couple things. I tried to re skin my character, I tried to repaint some other weights, none of them fixed my problem.

So here´s what I did. In maya 2011 (I dunno if this is a unique tool of this version, but...) I went to the paint weight tool, and in the tool box there´s a tool palette in it, right under where u change the radius of the paint tool, its an icon with a Sledgehammer. So go to component, select the vertex , go to the paint weight and click the Sledgehammer tool....I fixed some of my problems....

I hope i could help a little at least...

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