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Animating a flowing balloon with string

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Kazumi Hatori
Animating a flowing balloon with string
on Apr 16, 2010 at 3:42:40 am

Hey guys,

I would like to have your comment on animating a balloon with string flowing in the sky/street.

Here the reference movie I'm trying to follow:

Instead of the active moment of the balloon, first I'm just trying to do simply a real balloon dynamics. So here is my question:

1) Stretch of the balloon is not necessary. On overall moment of the balloon, is there anyway to animate its rotation and movement by dynamics?
i.e. incline to moving direction and restore

2) About the string, in case as the reference, it will interact with floor/geometry, will have its weight. How can I do that?
I tried to find tutorial, like:
but my case seems not applicable.

Thanks for any advice and please let me know if I'm stupid that some good tutorials exist but I don't find.

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Michael Frank
Re: Animating a flowing balloon with string
on Apr 19, 2010 at 9:42:25 pm

Ok here is a basic setup I came up with that should get you in the ballpark..

Create your balloon, I used a nurbs sphere that I stretched and scaled a little bit. Make the balloon a rigid body. Adjust the center of mass down in Y so that it is more bottom heavy. Set impulse Y to '.5'. This will drive the balloon to rise.

Create a gravity field affecting the balloon. Set magnitude really low to '1'. Create a turbulence field, set magnitude to '10.'

Keyframing the impulse value on the balloon rigid body will drive it up/down. My balloon works pretty nice, but seems to lack that bottom heavy weight. It tumbles over itself here and there.

The string tutorial looks pretty decent, I would start there. To have particles collide is different than rigid bodies. You select the soft body particles and collision geometry and do Particles -> Make Collide instead. Then they will interact with your floor and geometry. There is an offset value in the "geoconnector" node in case the thickness of your geometry becomes a problem.

Mike Frank
Cave House Studios

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