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Wrong color specs appear in wrong places on model

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Svetlana Shneyder
Wrong color specs appear in wrong places on model
on Apr 5, 2010 at 7:57:00 pm

i'm new to maya 2010, so please no fancy terminology. give it to me in laymans terms, and step by step instructions would be nice, thanks! that said...

i modeled a character in maya 2010. i did not apply fur or hair. it's flat. i wanted to apply flat colors to various parts of the character, like brown for the head, pink for the ears and hands, and white for the body. it looked fine, so i rendered it the first time. it came out perfect, the colors were just where i wanted them. then...

i did some other stuff to the project, i don't remember what exactly, but for some reason when i rendered it a second time, i got pink specs of color (from the ears and hands) appearing on the white body, like confetti. not a lot, just a few specs of pink on white here and there.

but the specs of pink on white don't appear on an entire face--just a portion of it. so, when i tried selecting that face to delete the specs of color and recolor that face, it wouldn't let me.

i tried deleting all the lamberts, but nothing happened. it's still the exact same when i render it. the pink specs from the ears and hands appear in a few places where they shouldn't (on the white body).

when rendering in default, i don't see specs of color in wrong places. when i render in high quality, the specs show.

i don't know how to view my history, and even if i could view it and trace my steps, i wouldn't know what i did wrong, anyway.

will someone please tell me what i could have done before that second render that produced those specs of pink paint on my character's white body?

and i don't mean bleeding! the pink color i used on the ears and hands suddenly popped up in small specs in various places on my character's white torso.

i remember one thing i did just before i rendered the 2nd time and before the problem began: i don't know if this could be it. i'm not even sure i was "allowed" to do it this way...

i noticed the problem began when i used the paint tool (paint brush) to pain a brown spot on my character's back. his back is white, since he's a hamster, i wanted to put a brown spot on his white back, so i turned him around to view him from behind, and used the pain brush to paint a brown spot on top of an existing white lambert. could that be it?

also, i noticed a white with pink splotches lambert in the hypershader--and tried to delete it, but nothing happened. it still renders wrong. help!

please help! i can't seem to find the answer anywhere. thank you ever so much (in advance).

p.s. i have a qualified machine and graphics card!

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Svetlana Shneyder
Re: Wrong color specs appear in wrong places on model
on Apr 7, 2010 at 2:36:06 am

ok, i know what the problem is!!!!! like i said, i'm still learning maya, so i didn't realize how important it was to do a uv map and pull everything apart so i could assign different shaders to different areas of the model. when i created my model, i didn't create a uv map, so that's what messed me up. i read up on uv mapping and applying textures some more, and watched some video tutorials, and i'm getting the hang of it.

i was also able to delete all the shaders and i was left w/ just the geometry, so i'm going to start applying textures to my model all over again.

(just thought i'd mention it, if anyone's interested.)

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