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(Noob) Poly Texture Won't Update When Manip is Moved

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Tim Kinnaird
(Noob) Poly Texture Won't Update When Manip is Moved
on Jan 28, 2010 at 2:46:58 pm


I'm in maya 6.5

Been using maya for some time but poly mapping has been a mystery to me. I'm self taught so my experience is checkerboarded.

Please have a look at the images in this link:

I have applied a planar texture to this simple poly shape. Notice how in the second image the texture manipulator has been scaled and moved, yet the texture on the poly shape remains exactly the same.

Here is what I did to get to here per a tutorial:

1. created a material in hypershade
2. assigned material to poly shape
3. mapped the color attribute of the material to a .bmp file
4. selected all the faces of the poly object
5. ensured 'assign shader to each projection' was set to off in Edit Polygons->Texture
6. selected Edit Polygons->Texture->Planar Mapping-> options box
7. Used the following settings:
Automatically fit projection manipulator
fit to bounding box
Z axis
insert before deformers
others left alone

Then I applied.
8. Important to note that my manipulator did not pop up at this point. I had to go to: Display->Show->Texture Placements to get it to show

At this point the texture showed up on my poly object but when I move, scale or rotate the manipulator there is no change to the image on the poly object. It remains as it did when it first showed up.

I also rendered out in render view before and after moving the manipulator. Same thing, the texture does not move on my poly object.

Have checked several tutorials, manuals and books. None address this specific issue. I'm sure I'm doing something really dumb.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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Tim Kinnaird
Re: (Noob) Poly Texture Won't Update When Manip is Moved
on Jan 28, 2010 at 11:17:26 pm

I figured it out.

I was doing something dumb.

I didn't create the2d file as a projection. I created it as normal which caused it to map strictly to the UVs.

Once I made it a projection it gave me the "interactive placement" option in the control panel for the texture.

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