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Maya batch or AVI render problem

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jan mork
Maya batch or AVI render problem
on Jan 15, 2010 at 2:59:28 pm

This is my first post so first of all: Hello community I'm Jan!

I have a scene setup of 200 frames which I want to render in a AVi or batch render to make a movie later (I'm a beginner with maya so pls feel free to ask additional info about the scene).

The batch render only renders 1 scene while I do have de correct render global settings (i think). I would like to try a direct AVI render instead but I get a 115 kb movie which, ofcourse, isn't really viewable.

I would like to ask some to help me point in the right direction cuz I'm stuck atm. and I would really like to render this baby in to a movie.


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Stuart Christensen
Re: Maya batch or AVI render problem
on Jan 16, 2010 at 5:19:45 am

Hello Jan! If you want to render all of the frames of your animation, you have to make sure that you specify in the render settings that all of the frames for each camera angle in the animation are specified and selected.

It's pretty simple, render any frame of the animation and look at the render view window that opens the render view you will see an "options" category that let's you specify the camera angles and frame numbers. Click on the render settings option and the "render settings" dialogue window will open, the first category is the "render layer" which in your case is probably the master layer. Leave it set to master. The next menu is the "render using" so you will have to choose mental ray or maya software, (go with mental ray if you know what your doing with mental ray).

in the next box you'll get some file output options. Give it a file name prefix of your choosing...set the image output format to Maya IFF.

Then, MOST IMPORTANT! the Fame/Animation ext. select the name_#.ext option from the dropdown menu. This will allow all of the frames to be rendered in a batch render....if you don't use this (or the related # settings) Maya will default sometimes to "name.ext (single frame) mode. Leave the frame padding set to 1

Next, choose the frame range (start frame...endframe) for example if you have 100 frames choose a start frame of 1 and end frame of 100.

Then, in the next box, you will see "Renderable Cameras". Choose what is best for you. if you have 3 different camera angles, select 1-3 etc..

The next box, image size choose appropriate format (in your case it should probably be CCIR601Quantel NTSC.

For now, leave all other settings alone.

Now, set your main menu set in Maya to rendering, or just go to the main rendering menu and choose batch render. If you open the options there are some choices about various stuff but for now just leave the settings alone. Choose "batch render and close" and the dialogue box will close and the render will begin on all of your chosen frames and camera angles.

When it's done look in your images section of the Maya project files to see the image sequences. These IFF image sequences will then be used in a progam like after effects to compile them into a .mov file. No matter what, Maya IFF image sequences need to be converted to a different format to view on standard media platforms (ie web or TV...DVD...etc.)

Please let me know if you need more help. STU!

I know alot....but not as much as the other guy.

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jim cascarina
Re: Maya batch or AVI render problem
on Jan 17, 2010 at 7:03:48 pm

sound advice.

I would add, rendering .avi and .movs is not only a slower render but also a dangerous game when you start doing overnight renders.
If they crash your screwed as the whole thing is likely to be corrupt.

rendering in Maya iff is pretty solid and if it crashes you will have all the files before the crash and you can just re render the frames that where missed.

Also if you're getting blank frames there is a classic old Maya trip up....."lights" if default lights are off and there are non in your scene you will get black frames.

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mirco pinna
Re: Maya batch or AVI render problem
on May 1, 2010 at 5:46:21 pm

Hello this is Mirco,
when I try to render with maya batch render I have this :

//error:cannot find an available port

How do I find the available port?

I need to render a demo im maya 2010 with window .

please let me know if you know :)

many thanks

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Arthur Pither
Re: Maya batch or AVI render problem
on Jul 13, 2012 at 12:51:05 pm

Dear Stuart,
Like Jan I am new to the game. But since I followed your instructions to Jan, all my current problems are solved. The issue I have now is my render is very dark, maybe its because I haven't got a backdrop in my scene yet? I'm so pleased that I have an avi file at the moment.

Many thanks


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