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Bump Mapping and Projection Mapping

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Karim Vadsaria
Bump Mapping and Projection Mapping
on Mar 8, 2009 at 5:42:31 am


I’m having a problem. Ok first I created a room in Maya, I deleted the Front and the Top faces. I want to apply bump map to it. So I went into photoshop CS3 and expand the pixels, so with my clone stamp i cloned the rest of the canvas, with the image im working on. I duplicated the layer so I can make a gray scale by desaturated it and then I used the Curves editor, now this is where im stuck. Do I need to save the layers separately if so how. I know that I can open a new file and move my gray scale. Now how do apply that texture as a projection map to one side of my room, ex only the floor or side wall.

Thanks to whoever answer

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Fabrizio Lazzeretti
Re: Bump Mapping and Projection Mapping
on Mar 8, 2009 at 10:23:00 am

Hi, here are some answers:

-in order to save your Pshop layer separately you can switch of the layers (from the layer manager - press F7 if it's hidden) you don't need in that specific export then save-as (i'd suggest tiff - it'll keep the best quality) and unflag "Layers" option then keep any other deafult setting and the files will be fine for maya.

-in maya to apply the image file as a projection in bump channel you have to edit your material options (hypershade, select material and you should see the attribute editor on the right side of maya interface) then click the small checker box beside bump, a selection window will popup then choose image file from "Projection" stuff... actually the projection icon has to aligned to the surface can do this in a couple of ways 1) you can select the projection icon from the stage, then from attribute editor choose which direction x,y,z, putting value "1" in the box that corresponds to it; 2) you can select the icon an simply rotate it in your stage by pressing "e" key then actin directly on the deformation tools that will appear on the stage.

Hope this will help.

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Tom Kdot
Re: Bump Mapping and Projection Mapping
on Aug 18, 2009 at 3:38:34 pm


i think my problem is similar to that one here.

I made a psd file with color and bumpmap layer.
I attached this file as projection to a NURBs object.
Everything works fine. Color and Bump are both shown correct as projection.

But now i want to bake these to file.
If i do that, only the color is shown correctly, the bump map is gone.
Bump map is only visibly if i connect it without projection, but then the bumpmap is totally at the wrong place accoirding to my color map.

Any ideas?

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