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Making a globe of screens

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tim litostansky
Making a globe of screens
on Jun 4, 2008 at 2:59:15 pm

Hello yall,
I was hoping to get a little help on a concept I am working on. I would like to make a globe (viewed from the inside) that is made up of a bunch of little screens that would have stills on them. Comcast has similar commercials but it is cylindrical. I guess I am just looking for the best way to set this up. Thoughts?


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Alexander Venske
Re: Making a globe of screens
on Jun 5, 2008 at 6:15:57 pm


I haven't myself tried anything like that, but i would probably use a Polygonal sphere and then put the images on each face independently. But if you want the screens to have protruding frames etc this option probably wont work.

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andrew strautz
Re: Making a globe of screens
on Jun 29, 2008 at 11:10:19 am

the preliminary set up is actually kind of simple really. all you need is a default polygon sphere.
for the sake of this explanation i won't be adding any ornamentation so the panes won't have a frame (but you could add one fairly simply in the texture by slightly shrinking the UV space of the texture)

start with a poly sphere with the desired faces, I recommend working with something that can easily be divided up into 1/4 hemispheres (IE round numbers, 4 6 8... 10 16 20 and the like) so you can just duplicate a region. scale it to size and delete its history/freeze transforms

next go into component mode and delete the faces you don't need (IE the bottom half and 3/4s the top and the pole caps) then leave component mode and go to mesh>detach component (this takes longer the more history you have and the more faces you have on your model) and delete the history again.

next you need to separate the mesh using Mesh>Separate and delete the history again.

next count the faces you have going around 1/4 hemisphere and divide 90 by that (to get an appropriate rotation for later) and delete all but one edge loops worth of objects that where created from separating the mesh.

from what is left individually select each face and inside the UV texture editor chose Polygons>Normalize to give them all a 1:1 planar texture space.

the next step is to give each object a unique name IE pane001 002 003 etc. and assign a unique material to each face.

you need to group your faces and snap the pivot to the origin and rotate by that number divided by 90 duplicating the group until you have a 1/4 hemisphere. you may want to stop to create additional materials for your new faces. select and group all the duplicate groups and duplicate them again untill you have an entire hemisphere snapping your pivot to the origin and grouping the hemisphere and mirror/rotating it till you have your complete sphere again.

you will notice a small problem with the bottom faces, they are upside down once you freeze their transforms so select those objects and go into your UV texture editor and simply click the flip horizontal button to complete this step.

I don't have access to it rite now but there is a script where you can set a frame offset in a looping texture animation based off an objects name to create alternating images on each plane. I'll look for that when i get a chance however you have a pretty good start at the moment and probably could get away with doing 1/4th the work with the copied materials since at that rate there would be enough information already on the screen to work with at any rate the rest is up to you.

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