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importing TRAX CLIP with attribute animation

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dimitri tsouri
importing TRAX CLIP with attribute animation
on Feb 16, 2008 at 7:46:53 pm

i have made a TRAX file with channels for lip sync animation using BLENDSHAPES. when i open a scene with the person that i made, i can easily import the trax file, and use it as i want to. however, when i import the scene into a larger scene (with setting, etc), i cannot import the trax file.

1) let me be a bit more detailed. in a scene, named 'marty', with my person, i create a CHARACTER SET, with the CHARACTER SET attributes option (with the attributes of the BLENDSHAPES selected that i am going to use for the lip sync animation) set to FROM CHANNEL BOX. i named the CHARACTER SET 'face'. there already exists a CHARACTER SET for the skeleton called 'master'.

2) i saved the updated 'marty' scene of my person with the new CHARACTER SET.

3) i made a lip sync animation by keying BLENDSHAPES. i create a TRAX CLIP with the 'face' CHARACTER SET and export the lip sync animation for use as a TRAX CLIP.

4) i close the scene, and then open up the 'marty' scene, which i did not update save with any animation or keyframes. selecting the 'face' CHARACTER SET, i am able to bring in the TRAX CLIP of the lip sync, and use it as i like. i am also able to import an older TRAX CLIP of a simple dance that uses the 'master' CHARACTER SET since it uses skeleton animation. everything works great.

so far, perfect.

5) however, when i import the 'marty' scene into another scene, i cannot import the lip sync TRAX CLIP into the 'face' CHARACTER SET. to be sure, i can still import the dance TRAX CLIP to the 'master' CHARACTER SET, which works. i imported the TRAX CLIPS in the same exact way that i imported them as i did in step 4 (above), but here the TRAX CLIP that uses attribute animation (as opposed to skeleton animation) does not work. the error says, 'THE SPECIFIED FILE CONTAINS NO CLIPS'.

my question is, then, how do i import a TRAX CLIP that is based on attribute animation (like BLENDSHAPES) into a CHARACTER SET of an imported scene within a larger scene (with other characters who also need lip sync TRAX CLIPS)?

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