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Problems Keying Polygon Vertices, Vertices do not Key to the Values I assign

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Problems Keying Polygon Vertices, Vertices do not Key to the Values I assign
on Nov 7, 2007 at 5:06:21 am

Basically, I am trying to ANIMATE VERTICES. But when i KEY VERTICES, the Values i Key get More-Than-Doubled....EXAMPLE:

Let's say I create a POLYGON CUBE
Then I switch to Vertex Mode
Then let's say I select 1 VERTEX
I set my Red Cursor at Frame 1 and Choose ANIMATE > SET KEY

Then I set my Red Cursor at, say, Frame 10
Then I move that 1 VERTEX's Y-Value to "1.000"

So that SHOULD move the 1 VERTEX from Y-Value 0.000 (it's starting point) to Y-Value 1.000.....

However, EVERY SINGLE TIME I do this operation Maya more-than-doubles whatever the Second Value was....i.e. Instead of the 1 VERTEX Deforming from 0.000 to 1.000, it Deforms from 0.000 to about 2.450.

The suggestions I've got previously were:
1. Stop using "KEY ALL" and use "SET KEY" instead....Tried that....The Values still More-Than-Doubles no matter which way I set the Keys
2. Use "CLUSTERS"....Tried that.....CLUSTERS actually Successfully Keyed....i.e. Maya does not More-Than-Double the Key Values I set for CLUSTERS....However, this doesn't seem to change the fact that I Should Be Able to Key Vertexes, right? I've done it before...Maya just seems to not allow it anymore. CLUSTERS are great, but Keying Vertices seems like a very crucial element in Animation, and I'd like to be able to figure out what's wrong here.

(May be worth mentioning: When I try to KEY VERTICES on a Nurbs Object this problem does not the Second Value KEYS exactly to the Point/Values that I've chosen and does not "more-than-double". As far as I can tell, KEYING VERTICES on my Polygon Shapes is the only problem that I've had with KEYING in Maya...everything else I've done KEYS fine.)

Any suggestions? I've checked everything I possibly could in terms of Simple Things...i.e. this isn't just a 'Bonehead Error'....and I've Googled 'Maya Vertex Keying' and the luck. Any help is appreciated.

Here's a Link to a Quicktime Video Screen Capture of the problem....You can see that whenever i Key the Second Value, Maya allows me to Key the Values, but whenever I go to Play the Timeline, Maya has automatically--for whatever reason-- doubled the Values I put in:

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Re: Problems Keying Polygon Vertices, Vertices do not Key to the Values I assign
on Nov 8, 2007 at 3:48:13 pm

I've always used clusters instead of keying the actual vertices because of the unexpected results. * Brief segue: I've heard thru the grapevine that the facial animation for the the movie The Mask was done by keying each vertex individually. That was released in '94 and I'm sure workflows have changed since then.

There's probably 5 other ways to do what you are attempting, but I would suggest using blend shapes. Check maya's help files or take a look at this tutorial for more information:

hope that helps!


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Sean Fennell
Re: Problems Keying Polygon Vertices, Vertices do not Key to the Values I assign
on Nov 27, 2007 at 11:44:29 pm

Terminator 2 came out long before the mask and ILM certainly didn't keyframe every cv for the t1000. They actually wrote a lot of command line tools that would rebuild uv's, keep 2nd degree stitching, invented patch modeling, almost every modeling/stitching tool that you have easily at your finger tips now in any software ILM had to develop from scratch at one time. Amazing. Anyway, the mask was not keyed using cv keying. Although its very possible some post-fixes might have been made that way. ILM used NURBS back then.

Anyway, If it doesn't work the way you expect and it had in the past chances are you've run into a bug OR you already have deformers or modeling history on your polygon mesh which really can screw with model space transformations on vertices. If it is working differently that a previous version of maya then you should go through correct channels to log a bug report with Autodesk. But in the case of already having modeling history and/or deformations on any geometry that you want to control vertices manually, you'll almost always have to throw a cluster on there to get it to react correctly.

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