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Not clear about Maya 2008 64 Bit

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Not clear about Maya 2008 64 Bit
on Aug 19, 2007 at 10:12:42 am

So Maya 2008 was just announced.
Besides the press release here I did not see any topic started on this - so here I go.

We know that 64 bit was not put in the 8.5 version of Maya for the Mac.
Now it appears that it is not available for the 2008 version.

It was clear before that until Leopard comes out that 64 bit version of Maya wouldn't be necessary. But now with the release of Leopard around the corner, you would expect that the software to carry you through the next year (as the title 2008 implies) would have 64 bit included.

Perhaps this is something they could introduce as a 'minor' update - but Im not sure it is that 'minor' for just a quick download. So it will be interesting to watch.

Besides this one point, what are others thoughts, after watching the video demos at autodesk, of Maya 2008? Will you be upgrading? And how has the changes affected (if at all) your workflow?) - Im coming more from a Mac standpoint.

I have some purchases (hardware coming up in the very near future, as well as software) and the 3D bit is kind of an Maya really is the only bit (on the Mac) that I like.
Of course I have discovered Zbrush - but thats not really a full replacement - as well as the fact that Zbrush 3 doesnt appear to be available for the Mac yet.

- one of those things where you just wished that apple had bought Maya back when Alias sold it to that independent investor who sold it off to Autodesk...but that is life. ;-)


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Jason Brummett
Re: Not clear about Maya 2008 64 Bit
on Aug 21, 2007 at 2:00:30 am

From a PC standpoint, I'm excited to get my copy of Maya 2008, i'm jumping from 7. If you haven't checked out the demonstrations yet, it's worth a look at Autodesk.commaya ...Neat stuff.

As for the original post. I think Mac's are great machines but again, why? If your going to take 3D graphics seriously, and I mean using Maya etc. 90% of the time. Why use a MAC? It's never been as full featured via Maya yet. The new trend I see is to trash PC's and tought that your a MAC user only. Well, I really think people should stop freaking out about the OS and consider the software they wish to use.

Good luck,

Jason Brummett
Studio Z Inc.

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Re: Not clear about Maya 2008 64 Bit
on Aug 26, 2007 at 3:10:20 pm

I appreciate your reply and point of view.

By no means do I wish to 'trash' the PC.
Infact you can purchase a mac now and run only windows on it.

Of course, my reason for mac is the OS.
And again, Maya is not my only application. It really is a personal thing, all my apps, etc. are for Mac OS X, and I would hate to have an separate operating system just for one app - especially an app that would be part of my 'working' class apps.

Again, its about preference and user choice.
In this regards it would be nice to have Maya fully featured for the Mac - or not have it at all.

It is a bit disconcerting that when alias sold maya to a private individual/company (point is private) that it was quickly then sold to a company that is the only strong rival to Maya...Autodesk 3D (in that just means for full production workflow systems)

Point is, time has moved on...and things are as they are.
It will, again, be interesting to see what direction Autodesk will take with maya and max (eventually the 2 will merge, at least thats seems like a logical conclusion, and not a bad one by any means. Im sure going from maya and max to whatever the new app will be in fact will be quite smooth.)

But aside from that, I am curious if another strong forerunner will come out in the 3D world.
(Not menting Zbrush - and Autodesk just purchased Mudbox - if I got the name righ - which may put a damper on Zbrush. AGain, Im looking at full package solutions.)

Now I will say, that different workflows could discount this type of set up, and thats fine - but as I mentioned, given the preference it would be nice to see Maya or some 3D app like May or Max, developed for the Mac.)

Its a serious option - no one would have thought Apples stocks would have gone from $15 to $120+.

Sorry for the lengthy reply...


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