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Night and day

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Night and day
on Aug 16, 2007 at 12:44:58 pm

Hi all,

For who read my last post, im back working again on my planet earth. Thers a few more things im struggling with though. When we are looking at night time earth you can see the city lights which you obviously cant when they are facing the light source, the sun. how can i get this effect as the earth is spinning. Is there a way of projecting a texture for each side which moves as earth spins?

My other issue for the moment is rendering a final movie. I have tried but it seems to take a very long time. I made a quick 10 frame animation which didnt finnish after 3 hours. It was quite simple, a pod racer from the digital tutors maya basics dvd. All that was animated was the pod moving from one side to the other, motion blur, two painted fires in the engine exhaust and the lightning bolt between the engines, no background, no camera move and no other movement. I do only have half a gig of ram which i know is way too little for doing 3D(!) but i thought it could cope with ten fairly simple frames. Any advice on that would be great.

Sorry bout the essay!

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Chad Briggs
Re: Night and day
on Aug 16, 2007 at 5:38:51 pm

In regard to your earth, there is a easy solution to that. Make a ramp shader and make two nodes/positions on it, on one node, put the day texture, on the other node, put the night texture. make a surface luminance node, plug the out value into the v_cord of the ramp. feed the ramp color out into the shader of your choice (color in). This will basicly shade the object based on where the light is hitting it. So if a lot of light is hitting it, it will be the day texture. If not, it will be the night texture.

as for the rendering issue, not sure, probably need to check your settings against those of the tutorials.

hope that helps.


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mandeep singh
Re: Night and day
on Jul 4, 2009 at 10:10:48 am

Hello i have struggled all around but it is not working i have done exactly told but i am not getting the lights to show up on the dark side of the earth. What can be the problem i repeat i have followed your instructions completely.

I could only persume you meant to say by two nodes on ramp to be two colors on ramp and on colors node of these two colors in one i added day map and other i added night map. But surface illumination attached to vchord is not working any help please

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