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Exporting camera to AE - Unit translation

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Exporting camera to AE - Unit translation
on Dec 1, 2006 at 7:24:39 pm

I'm somewhat of an old hat in After Effects, but a Maya novice.
I'm having a problem that I imagine someone has encountered.
When importing a camera from maya, what is the factor for translating units of Maya's worldspace into AE's quote-unquote worldspace - pixels?

For example, say my camera in Maya does an x-trans of 100 inches.
When I bring this camera into AE, this trans is interpreted as 100 pixels, hardly the same. The distance relationships of everything is off.
The move needs to be scaled up by a factor in order for everything to be properly rebuilt and comped. Is there a specific factor that makes the translation seamless, effectively recreating the distance relationships from the original Maya scene in AE's world? (so far we've eyeballed it and a factor of appx 15 is almost right, but we're not that into 'almost')

I've posted this in the AE forum as well just in case

Thanks everyone!

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Re: Exporting camera to AE - Unit translation
on Dec 2, 2006 at 3:42:23 am

I'm not sure. I've had similar problems in the past and I think mine was related to rectangular AE comps vs. square Maya footage.

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Re: Exporting camera to AE - Unit translation
on Dec 7, 2006 at 11:01:23 am

What version of AE are you using?

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Re: Exporting camera to AE - Unit translation
on Dec 8, 2006 at 7:56:13 pm

Recently, this was posted on the Adobe AfterEffects User forums:

wiso - 12:10pm Dec 4, 06 PST (#2 of 6) Edited: 04-Dec-2006 at 12:36pm

Wow, I think I just got a lot closer . . . I was looking in AE7s help (what a place to look eh?) and in one results returned by searching "maya" it says:

"If you apply FilmFit camera setting, make sure to use either Horizontal or vertical FilmFit, not fill"

I went back to my maya file, checked my camera attributes, under Film Back settings my film fit was set to fill. I switched this to horizontal, rerendered the frames and reexported the camera and null_objects, brought back into AE, and things are lining up perfectly . . . I have only messed around with a test scene, 100 frames, will try later to apply it to the project I am working on to make sure everything still works. Try this out, let me know if you get similar results.

One other though, I think this is actually very simple . . . look at the aspect ration in render globals and in the camera attributes . . . for me they did not match up. Thus, filmfit forces this to match. Another way to proably make this work is to match the aspect ratios without using film fit . . . will try this next.

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