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Makin' a kite. What aproach is best?

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Makin' a kite. What aproach is best?
on Apr 28, 2006 at 1:17:22 pm

Hi There.

First I need to say that I'm not looking for specefic answers.
Nor am I looking for someone to apply me with a tutorial.
I'm merely looking for inspiration and directions in what aproach to start
out with (so I don't work in the wrong direction for days).

The case:
In a few days I'm starting to work on a music video.
I'm going to make a KITE. The live shot will be of a boy
running and playing with this kite (a live one), at a point in
time, the string snaps and the kite flyes away. The kite will now
fly around in the sky at will of the air, over rooftops, behind buildings,
up and down and so forth.

The scenes with the loose kite will CGI and thus be my work.

The CGI kite will be the only CGI in the shot, and it will allways be far away in the picture.
It will be the object of focus, but regarding the level of photo realism, the distance to the object
will work in my favour.

At a point in time, the kite may pass in front of the sun and should behave
like it's made of a translucent material and turn into a silluete.

The kite is one of those rombeshaped ones with cross sticks inside them, and a tail of colered

Now the questions:
Q1. What aproach is the best for these shots regarding the kites behavour?
Should I use MAYA Cloth? Shold I use Softbodies? I'm thinking of using
softbodies with goals to do the kite.

Q2: How do I get that oscilating thing happining to the tail, when the wind
streams along it? Like a very high fequented sinus wave runing though it?
Should I make a hair? Shold I make a very thin tube and make it soft with goals,
then deform the original tube with a sinus wave deformer?

Q3: In what direction should I look reagrding to translucent materials?
Is it easy to setup or should I download some shaders?

Thank You.

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Steve Sayer
Re: Makin' a kite. What aproach is best?
on Apr 28, 2006 at 5:51:44 pm

Hi, Daniel.

I think using cloth would be overkill, if as you say most of the shots are going to be long-distance. Even softbodies might not be necessary: you could probably get away with just a nonlinear deformer or two. The thing is kite fabric doesn't actually exhibit much deformation; it stays stretched pretty taut. Softbodies or cloth are better suited to windsocks and flags and the like, which aren't held in shape by a framework.

Oscillations along the tail could certainly be handled by deformers as well, although if you do any scripting at all it might be faster and easier to use an expression. For the overall motion of the tail, you don't want to use a thin tube. I'd use a dynamic curve or a softbody curve. You probably don't need it to have any kind of surface at all; from a distance, I'd think it would be invisible, and only the ribbons would show up.

Can't offer much advice about the translucency; this might be something you want to handle in post.

Good luck,


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Re: Makin' a kite. What aproach is best?
on Apr 29, 2006 at 4:10:08 pm

Thank you.

I haven't yet seen the live footage, because it's being shot this weekend in cuba.

I think though I'll go with the softbody and springs. But I'll surely keyframe the movement of the kite. I think I'll expression the tail.

Thanks again.

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