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Double Snowflakes in Video - Newbie Needs Help

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Double Snowflakes in Video - Newbie Needs Help
on Aug 11, 2005 at 4:33:05 pm

Hello, Newbie here working in Maya 6.5, AE 5.0 & Premiere 7.0

I know this forum is for pros and I'm sorry to bother you but I'm getting nowhere at other sources.

My snowflakes are doubled when displayed on a tv from a dvd disc. they are also doubled when I play the same dvd on my computer's dvd player. The snow flakes appear as singles in the individual frames and they also appear as singles when the dvd playback is paused so I know it has something to do with the fields display and not the individual frames.

Here is my basic process:

1. Export snow layer from Maya as interlaced fields. I export them as targas. Snow is made of cloud particles that are software rendered.

2. Import into After Effects 5.0 where I composite this snow layer and about 20 others. Then I export the composited frames as individual targas.

3. Import the composited targas (individually) into Premier Pro 7.0. I use premiere as my last step because I can export directly to a dvd.

I've done some research into the whole tv fields vs progressive scan issue. It's still muddy but I'm starting to get a grip on it.

My problem is that no matter what I do, I get double snowflakes. I've tried an ungodly amount of combinations of field/frame, upper/lower, and encoding options across the three applications (maya, ae, premiere) but I can't get the snow flakes to appear singly.

I'm slowly going broke burning a mountain of dvds with double flakes. lol.

Can anyone help me or at least point me at a couple sites that will start me on the road to figuring this out?


==if you aren't bored to tears yet, here is some more info:

When I first rendered out my snow out from maya, I rendered it as frames. In the final dvd there were two snowflakes but one was chasing the other on the same path.

Now that I've rendered the snow out from maya as interlaced fields there are still double snowflakes but one is just slightly higher and to the left of the other. These flakes travel in tandem instead of one chasing the other.

Here is a link to an individual snow frame and and a composited frame if that helps:

(I had to convert these targas to bitmaps so my website would accept them)

Thanks again and I hope someone can help me.

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