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Anyone use this renderer ?

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Anyone use this renderer ?
on Jun 17, 2005 at 5:15:21 pm

Please let me know what you think about it.... Cheers.

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Sean Fennell
Re: Anyone use this renderer ?
on Jun 17, 2005 at 6:21:25 pm

I use it in a hobbyist sense. It takes hours to compute a useable image. Most of the time even the useable image is extremely noisy. It creates incredible images if you allow it to render long enough. The render control is based on time and nothing else. There is no concept of anti-aliasing or optimization, you simply tell the render how long it is allowed to render for in minutes and let it render. There is no feedback inside of the package that you use because the materials are a spectral description and don't work the way materials you're use to using work. None of the native materials from your 3d package are translated because the renderer can only use maxwell shaders that have the spectral description. For super realistic light transport analysis, and architectural work its a dream come true because its real life lighting calculation. But for animation or visual effects purposes its relatively useless because the ammount of time to render and the lack of control over the image is crippling. For example, i created a simpel cornel box with a sphere and four walls. To get a useable image that was not distractingly noisy at 320x240 res it took 2 hours. Compare that to mental ray, or turtle, or final render where it takes maybe 2 minutes to get a useable image at twice that resolution and it translates all of your usual materials.

One thing I have to applaud it for is its camera model is awesome. It does real life depth of field dispersion, and motion blur. And it automatically calculates the physically correct light blooming from overexposure. Something other render cameras should strive to acheive.

It is a beta so it leaves much to be desired in usability, for example the network rendering is working but unuseable because you get better results rendering the same amount of time on one system as you do across for systems simultaneosly.

There also is not the concept of light sources in the traditional sense of our 3d packages. You don't create a point light, or a directional light, for example. You create geometry that you assign an emitter material to. Now that geometry is a light source. Only geometric light sources, not including the skylight option. And the renderer only supports polygonal geometry, no nurbs, subD's or particles.

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